Mistakes. I hope you make many. In fact, if you’re not making mistakes, you’re probably not living much of a life. Mistakes are how you know you’re alive.’ You dare, breathe and experiment. Mistakes are hardwired into us as Aussies as the ‘having a go.’

At the UK Psychic School the locals nickname “Spook Hall”,  I made a colossal boo boo.

It was the kind of cringeworthy public fail every psychic and medium dreads, where the audience was a wall of rocks and judgment and my mouth turned to sand and each word fell like tears at my feet. 
And then it was over. And life moved on again.
It was a tough experience, but oh, the new resilience. Tough crowd? No problem, I’ve had the rock wall at “Spook Hall”. Nothing beats that.
 No one “gets it” in a reading. No problem, rephrase it till they do.
When a new psychic student freezes, stops or worries about being wrong, I encourage them to say it anyway. To be brave and dare, because chances are they are totally right and their intuition is spot on.
The Psychic Connection Package students have a special permission slip to be wrong 100 times. To let go of the fear and say it anyway. 

‘This is the place to fail,’ I tell them.

Because if you get it right 100% I have nothing to teach you. So get it wrong. Mess up. Make a dog’s breakfast of it.
Fail gloriously, like me. Do that walk of shame to the bar after, where no one makes eye contact with you, because I will and I’ll buy you a beer as well. 
The Psychic Connection Package is my only course – it teaches the lasting foundations to make sure you have a reliable link to your higher senses, for life. If you’re ready to take the next spiritual step, the Psychic Connection Package might be for you

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