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My Psychic


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the power, M’dear

Yay, you’re in!

An email is on the way with essential details, but don’t worry, there’s two emails reminders for every call and the zoom link is the same the whole way through.


Next step?


Join the Private facebook Group and get support and questions answered. It’s also where the replays can be watched of all calls.

Follow me on Insta – it’s where I post most often.


The My Psychic Soul is 100% live and practical with no log ins or other passwords needed. That means the group calls are where the magic happens. Details for those are pinned to the top in the Secret Facebook group. Mark out the times in your diary now.


Help is on the way

Annoying tech problems?  I am not tecchy, but my team is. Holler here: support (at) deniselitchfield (dot) com

The My Shiny Light exercise made me cry! It felt like coming home. – Suzanne Culberg