You do your fair share of free readings online to connect with your tribe and to grow your ‘likes’, but still it’s crickets as far paid booking go. Despite all the freebies, you’re still not getting enough meaningful feedback, let alone more clients. Sure, you’re doing it for exposure and “getting out there” but you just can’t figure out why no one’s buying.


Freebies are good, but there’s something that works better

And that’s niching. Huh? What’s a niche? Is it something you put a vase on? Thats’ what I thought too, till I asked Trudi Pavlovsky from This Chick Means Business about how niching for psychics works and how they can do it to save time, stress and attract the kinds of clients they want. Here’s the FB live below:



How to niche as a psychic

Trudi made it very simple. All a nice is, is sorting out the ideal clients you want to read for and serve. Do you like working with women or men or both? That’s a start. What kind of readings do you do? The more specific you can get, the easier it is for your perfect person to find you.

When you are offering intuitive services that aren’t specific enough, your big message isn’t reaching anyone. It gets lost in a sea of same-ness and it’s so hard to get anyone’s attention that way. Not on the online world.

What problem do you solve with your amazing intuitive talent? Do you do animal communications, relationship readings or are you a superstar at Akashic Records? If so, then say it! Get known for that, so the people looking for will go, hey, yeah this is the solution I have been looking for.


Trudi shares her niching for psychics solution

Trudi has three questions to ask: What do you want to help people either avoid, become or create?

Avoid. Become. Create.

In terms of offering readings for example, instead of saying,” free readings for everybody!”  Ask yourself these three questions. The more specific you are with your offering, the more likely people will stop to look at it while browsing their social media feed. People are results focused. They are looking for answers. If you can gove them the answers, they will book you.

When people are looking for a reading, free or paid, they are looking for that one person who can give a solution to a specific issue. Becoming an authority in a certain area of your field is also good for niching. Once you are known for something, you are also building a reputation and trust with your tribe.


“If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one”.

You might be good at doing a million different things and it can be tempting to try to pursue all of them. However, when you just choose one lane, you focus on that and become known for that. You can always expand and build it out later on if you choose to or even change your niche altogether. Niching is not limiting yourself.

As Marie Forleo says, “if you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one”.

So when you’re offering free reading without speaking to your niche or being specific about what type of reading or solution you are offering to your tribe, you are talking to everyone.

A good way to burn out and not reach your perfect person. You’lll just get a bunch of people jumping on, who just want a free reading. They won’t value what you do.

You can tell that Trudi is passionate about niching. She talks about how powerful your marketing message gets when it hits home with people. It happens when you find your niche and you start talking to your tribe from that space. Want more Trudi? Book a chat with her here:


YAAS! Booklet heading you way!