Do you see reccurring numbers everywhere, like 11:11 or 333? Do you wonder at the meaning?  There’s a ton of information available, much it banking on our search for deeper meaning in life.


Before the internet, before Doreen Virtue, before Solara An-Ra created the 11:11 series in 1992, announcing we were ascending to the next soul level, there was Carl Jung.


He believed in synchronicity, in messages from the universe, because he felt we were all part of a great pattern. He saw the divine in everything and was endlessly awed by the symbols the world guided us with. But Carl Jung didn’t invent synchronicity, the universe did.


As humans, we are hardwired to notice patterns.

Historically, we evolved by looking to signs from the wind and clouds to predict the weather. We charted the stars and the sun to know our selves and our seasons.

We depended on observable information. This is the basis of omens, auguries and why such great monuments to the sun and stars were built like Stonehenge, and New Grange.

At the very heart of it is pattern, and our ability to observe. Whether it’s the sun rising at a  certain angle each solstice, or the way birds fly overhead fortelling the coming of winter,  we have observed repeating patterns to live and worship by.


Recurring numbers are nothing new, but they do mean something.

Anyone can divine their meaning, because we’re all human with the gift of seeing and knowing. Even if we’re just awakening to our extra sensory awareness, spotting repeating numbers is usually one of the first things noticed as our awareness grows beyond every day survival. If you are interested in spiritual growth, sharp observation is going to be a key skill.


Noticing patterns just means you’re waking up.

Carl Jung was awake. He knew we all swim in the same magical energy soup that makes the universe. It is part of us and we are part of it and we share the same atoms as the stars.


It’s this connection that supplies the magic for recurring numbers. When our awareness rises beyond survival and what’s on our phones, we become aware of a greater dance.  As we do, jus like in quantum physics, the greater dance becomes aware of us and signals hello with repeating numbers, synchronicity and other divine messages.

All we have to do is be awake.

We’re always connected and we’re never alone and we’re always loved by the universe. But we get bogged down by our day to day lives and forget to look up once in a while.




Next time you see recurring numbers – celebrate!

Know that repeating numbers are a message and confirmation of your growing awareness and to keep paying attention. No need to rush off to Google for the answer, because you already have it – it’s your beautiful soul glowing brighter, and another step on the spiritual path.


Explore that feeling for a few seconds.

This is the language of Spirit. Connecting back to a wider perception ad understanding of who you really are as a person, as a soul, as a integral part of the universe.


Because that’s what recurring numbers really mean: that you’re paying attention.

Pay attention. Even now, pull your nose out of your iPhone. As I’m recording this blog post, I’m out walking. Walking is how I write and it’s when inspiration strikes hottest. I wasn’t paying attention just now and nearly ran into a cyclist because my own nose was in my iPhone.That was a message for me to notice my surroundings.


If you hunger for something deeper, wider, more connected, turn your wise soul energy inward.

Turn that beautiful, valuable energy inwards to connect with your soul, and your intuition first. Use your  gut, and your faith, and your feet to stay grounded to the earth and the huge source of psychic energy awaiting there. Draw that up with your next breath and allow the answer to arrive. Better than google, better than an oracle card, is your own wisdom.