Today I’m sharing how to offer monthly oracle card readings for a whole year. It’s a fun way to give value to others as well as showcase your talents

Those on my newsletter enjoy animal spirit insights each month. My secret is that I don’t do it each time, but batch 12 readings for the year in one go. It was inspired by a new deck I wanted to explore and a desire to give more monthly guideposts for my newsletter peeps. Here are the steps:


Plan the frequency

Is it monthly, weekly or quarterly? Plan the frequency ahead so it helps with the intention. I used sticky notes with each month written on it on a table to create the layout for the year.



Whether it’s for one person or a large group, the process is the same. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but simply a marker of entering into another state of awareness. Some light a candle, play music or just get quiet and turn inwards. Pro tip: the simpler it is, the easier and more often you’ll go there!


Imagine everyone in the group. Even those who haven’t come yet. See your energy flowing going out to blend with the entire group; everyone who’s there or will be there in the future. Feel your energy extending out, connecting with those gorgeous shiny lights.


Set the intention

As you are shuffling ask: “What do these people most need to know? How can I serve them best?” Begin laying out one card for each month alongside that month’s sticky note.  At this point I took a quick snap of the cards for a reminder.


Reading the cards

As you stay tuned into the group, and focus on each card, allow impressions to come. Stay open and let whatever comes. Colours, images, or shapes might jump out, and they will be relevant to the readings. Allow everything to be part of the reading trusting that whatever comes is for the group and you are connected.

Pro tip: Overthinking will mess with the accuracy. Let go and trust!


Follow your own guidance

Trust in the organic process of intuition, let the imaginative right brain of our soul work. What are you inspired to say as you remain linked to the energy of the group? Let that be the reading.

If any thoughts come up to doubt, or question, know you’ve slipped into left brained overthinking and gone “offline”. Gently re-connect to the energy of the group and allow the flow to re-commence.


Ignore the book

They say there’s three types of readers. When we start, our trust still has to grow, and we rely on the card meanings to create the reading.

Then as proficiency and confidence rises we know the information sought is within the person or group we read for and the cards only serve as signposts. We let go of the guide book and as we fly on our own wings.

Lastly as we master the art of intuitive connection, we know the true source of our insights is the soul to soul link created with an alchemical mix of genuine intention and desire to serve.

Where ever you find yourself on this scale, each one is valid and serves a great need. Doing group oracle card readings is a fun way to practice and give back.

In the Psychic Playground Facebook community, there’s a whole day just for free readings. We encourage new readers, or those with new decks to practise and play with putting themselves out there.


Do your own

If you’d like to learn how to do an oracle card reading in a Facebook Group, theres a free class to help you plan, create and do in an hour. Jump over to the link below you’ll be offering your reading in an hour!



YAAS! Booklet heading you way!