Is your intuition feeling blocked? Do you have these symptoms? Over thinking, doubting, second guessing everything, maybe asking the same question over and over again, even asking the cards and getting even the same cards? These are all symptoms of a blocked psychic flow.


If you can say yes to any one of these, then overthinking is messing with your intuition.


You’re probably a lot more in your head than you need to be. Overthinking, stressing, worrying around up here, and we need to come back into our body and that is going to unblock your psychic flow.

If you’d like to get some practical tips on how to get over this, I invite you to a recent master class I did called three secrets to psychic flow.

It’s just over an hour and you’re gonna use these tips to incorporate in your every day. You’re not going to get system to death, it’s gonna be easy things that you can incorporate into your day so you can get the psychic flow that you want. Yeah? Sound good? I’d love to see you there.Oh yes, it’s free.

Watch the 3 Secrets to Psychic Flow masterclass