At last the time has come. You’ve decided to stop denying your gift and cautiously open up. And you asked for a sign for the journey and now, it feels like the world of spirit is overwhelming you from all sides.


When you decide to open up your gifts, your soul and guides throw a party.

Imagine you’ve have just been given a fabulous old violin and maybe this violin has been sitting in the attic of the family house for years. You unpacked this gorgeous instrument and put it to your chin and to play, only you don’t know a note of music and you’ve never played a violin before.

The violin has been in your family, sure, but you’ve actually never really taken it out for test drive. The first few notes are terrible, right? Birds are falling from the sky. Cats are yowling and then, gradually, it feels more comfortable. It ,olds to your hands and you understand it’s little quirks. Before long, you’re actually making nice music together, you and the violin.


You are the violin and the player

Well, psychic opening can be a lot like that, only you are both the violin and the player at the same time. It does take a little bit of practise and at first, it will feel all out of tune and all out of whack and too loud, too strong, too soft. Or no music at all.

It’s why they call it attunement.

When you’re attuning to your own psychic abilities and gifts, maybe ones that were passed down through your family, it does take a little bit of calibration and that’s what’s really happening here. While you are the violinist and the instrument, there’s also your guides and your helpers that are also fine-tuning you as the instrument and they need a little bit of time to get it right too.



You are in charge of your gifts

Sometimes it feels too much. Overwhelming. Remember you are in charge. You can send up a thought: “Hey, it’s too much. It’s too loud. It’s too strong.” Your guides and helpers need feedback just as much as you. They will receive the request  so send it out. Just say, “Hey, I really want this to be a lot smoother.” Spirit is intelligent. They will listen. They listened to you the first time, when you asked to open your gifts, right?

Spiritual overwhelm is where we forget we are in charge. It’s just a matter of getting to know your team, getting to know yourself as the instrument, getting to know your musical range at the moment. It’s all part of the journey, really, and it’s a beautiful place to be. Remember that you’re always in control. You always get the last say and you’re in charge of your energy.


Spiritual Overwhelm is normal

And it’s a great marker for progress! You are on the path and learning. Taking the next steps to discover more of who you are and the psychic gifts you might have can feel bewildering. It happens to some of the savvy ladies on the Psychic Connection Package, and when it does I celebrate their beautiful rite of passage. New info is coming in.

Our minds love to sort and compare, often throwing out one stuff that no longer suits. The Psychic Connection Package emphasises strong foundations, to keep you steady as you rise up in your new ability. Staying grounded and steady helps balance out the overwhelm.


Like to never feel overwhelmed again?

Once you know HOW to make a psychic connection at will, you can do it anytime, anywhere. You get to be the boss of your abilities, not the other way round. The Psychic Connection Package runs only a few times each year, to a small group to keep the one on one teaching and special attention high. Find out more here. 


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