Not long ago I was interviewed for A great podcast for the Brilliant Misfits. Are you a brilliant Misfit? You might be if you hang out here!

In the podcast Aesha talks about the commonality of sensitive people who felt that they never fit in and thought themselves weird. And how that desire to be true to oneself and find ones place in the world leads to acceptance of who you are, discovery of your gifts which turns into a superpower that can help others.

Aesha Kennedy is the creative mind behind this series as she seeks out the odd and interesting folk to find out what makes them tick. We chatted about the pressure to fit in as a psychic, and how I broke free of all that – as well as my previous “lives” as a public artist, and visual journaliser. Here’s the story:“


Anyone can be normal, it takes real courage to be yourself” – Denise Litchfield



• The #1 thing that gets in the way of ones intuition
• How to decipher what’s intuition, what’s not
• How to foster trust in your innate gifts
• Valuing your intuitive gift and let it financially support you
• Integrative coaching and readings that empower you


029: Clairvoyance Keeping it Real with Denise Litchfield



YAAS! Booklet heading you way!