When things are working really well, a sneaky thing happens. The evil twin suddenly wants to poop on your party dress.
That evil twin wants to remind you it can’t POSSIBLY be this good for long.


  • Like the time I produced a comedy skit for 5th grade, but got sick the day of the performance.
  • Like when I wanted a flashy iPhone 8 even though the 5 was working fine, then cracked the new phone screen within a week.
  • Like when I had a brilliant run of Full Year readings then bombed because I didn’t believe I could do it.


So there’s this saying..

There’s this saying about what happens when we reach a new level of success in anything –  a new level of fitness, a new skill like working the TV remote, ( this was me)  or even just cooking rice that’s edible instead of a soggy white swamp (still working on that one)  – anything that reflects our growth can lure the evil twin to get poopy with us. They say, ‘new level, new devil’, but I’m here to say it’s the same ol’ devil, just with a different outfit.


I felt like a Disney Princess

I knew I’d moved into a new vibe not long ago. I woke up one morning and felt like a Disney Princess. The birds chirped, the sky was a fantastic blue and I felt




Not rabid Instagram bliss or even the delirious bliss some women have over salad, but a quiet sense of belonging in the world and that all was well.




Sure, there was a determined effort to take the supplements I’m supposed to take.  There was another hour of yoga tacked onto the week and mediating in the small chinks of the schedule, but nothing AMAZING. Nothing mind blowing. Just a series of small tweaks forming into a serious feeling of contentment. Nothing announced it – the sky didn’t open for the voice of God to boom out, I just quietly knew I was ‘there’.


The poop:

So right on cue, the evil twin gets out her poop gun to bring on my biggest fear: (No, it’s not crushed purple velvet, it’s rejection.)

  • Within one week a spiritual teacher fired me after aiming some pretty personal remarks.
  • An online assistant disappeared.
  • I was booted from a huge facebook group with no reason or warning.


After spending a few days feeling sorry for myself, doing loads of EFT (tapping) it was time to wipe the mascara filled snot off my face. Time to ‘fess up to my part in this, because I believe we do create our reality; the good and the snotty bits. I did a load of EFT and forgiveness. I forgave myself the most, and that was the hardest bit. How come we are the most critical of ourselves?



Most of all I felt a sigh of relief.

If I was completely honest those things were meant to change. I felt the lack of alignment with my teacher but didn’t act. Like a baby bird overstaying her space in the nest it was time to leave, but I was chicken.
The Universe gave me the boot instead.
The online assistant was moving house and having her own stuff go down and didn’t want to disappoint anyone. The wiser, more intuitive part of me saw it coming, but chose to ignore, and that Facebook group? It wasn’t a good fit anyway.


When it all turns to poop

It’s because it’s meant to. Better things are coming and somehow we missed the memo and kept hanging on to the old stuff. Before too long, things changed back to Disney Princess again.
Others I’d vaguely met tracked me down to join my Facebook group – the Psychic Playground. Three clients emailed saying how well their readings turned out and what I said had happened – happened, and complete strangers appeared who wanted to work with me/be my friend and hang out. Like magic, the online assistant re-appeared with even more dedicated action and attention.


We are sooo creative at keeping ourselves small, I can’t imagine what massive rejection event I’ll dream up next time I reach a new level of growth, but if I suddenly disappear you’ll know why.
If you’d like to explore the forgiveness exercise, its an ancient Hawaiian practice called ho’o pono pono. 






YAAS! Booklet heading you way!