Can we just stop the fear mongering? There are positive Mercury Retrograde aspects too. It happens every 88 days, and won’t be stopping any time soon, so lets get with how this is great for anyone slightly intuitive and leave the pearl clutching for the muggles.

Instead of dramatic displays of how affected we are (and secretly showing off that we must be so much more spiritual), lets use the this magical time for our psychic benefit. Speaking of displays:

I admit the orbit of a tiny metallic planet doesn’t send me into tailspins.

In fact I look forward to it. I’m part of the 18% of quirky, out of the box people born in a mercury retrograde. When that little metal ball in the sky dances about, I flourish. But that’s just me. If you’re someone who feels less than flourishing, take advantage of heightened awareness to polish your intuition.

Here are ten ways to ride the positive Mercury Retrograde train:


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1. Answers arrive. As well as finding $100 in an old handbag or the phone charger you went mad looking for, answers arrive in unexpected ways. Abandoned relationships rekindle. Problems resolve in strange and unexpected ways. This is mercury thinking outside the box.

2. Healing the Past. Don’t be surprised if someone long gone surfaces to say hello. It’s a chance to clear emotional leftovers. 35 years ago I cheated on my fiancé with a nightclub DJ. It wasn’t the classiest way to end a relationship but I didn’t need to be psychic to see getting married at that time would eat my brain. Last Mercury retrograde, zombie ex fiancé surfaced. We swapped a few limp emails, and I congratulated myself on an excellent 1979 life choice of dumping his ass, and keeping my perm.

3. Practice spiritual discernment. Mercury is a trickster. Recently I spoke to someone about to hand over $10,000 to “ Psychic Laney” for remote healing and a shrine. Psychic Laney (not her real name, but close) had a cheap Wix website with purple background and flashing stars. There were no prices on her (very vague) services, so she could gauge her mark and set a price to suit.

Thanks to quick intervention by good friends, Psychic Laney’s mark escaped but only just. I’m encouraging this gentle and trusting man to report her and other scammers for fraud. This fish got away, but I wonder how many other vulnerable people she’s built invisible $20,000 shrines to ward off invisible energies?

Use intuition and gut instinct choosing energy workers, healers and psychics. If the claim sounds too good to be true, it usually is. When Mercury does direct again, the truth will be known. Don’t end up poorer when it does.

4. Finish that e-course. Mercury retrograde is powerful for studies, so finish that course on how to see an aura. Not only will the links between the worlds be thin at this time, making all psychic work more intense, finishing a course is one less item off your mind and you’ll be ready to move ahead when the planet goes direct again.

5. Car dance in traffic jams. Remember the god, Mercury – the guy with wings on his feet? He rules over travel, so when he’s prancing about backwards, relax. Expect traffic jams, car troubles and late trains. Hone your clairaudience by noticing how many different sounds you can hear, or take headphones and listen to Katie Perry.

6. Get a reading or a healing. The absolute best time to get a reading or energy healing. Just make sure their name isn’t Psychic Laney. Use this reflective, dreamy time and turn inwards to review, plan or dream. Mercury’s backwards ways offer new insights and 20/20 clarity now.

7. Meditate. Mercury rules connections of all kinds, and while a retrograde means regular communication might go a little screwy, its tailor made for meditation and going within. Relax and let go like a balloon deflating, allowing this heightened time for better connection to your guidance.

8. Spirit guides might go on radio silence. And then again – there could be nothing. Trickster Mercury loves to hide things. Not all questions get answers and part of the fun in this earth life is not getting what we want. The challenge is patience – there is no answer now, and we must wait.

9. Bad guys get caught. About the only reason to watch the news is when karma finally catches up with somebody doing the wrong thing. Mercury retrograde loves to uncover lies and corruption, at any level. Psychic scammers who charge a fortune to “lift bad energy” from vulnerable people will be charged with fraud, and Seaworld will free it’s whales.

10. Laugh More. Mercury had the power to appease the gods and make them laugh. Take your spiritual growth less seriously and watch everyone else get their panties in a bunch over this time.

I love keeping it real, so you can zoom ahead on your spiritual path without new age buzzwords or  crushed purple velvet. If you liked this and want more, do the quiz: What’s your psychic strength?

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