Predicting disaster – when it’s true

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The night before Alicia’s Mum went in for surgery, Alicia had a foreboding dream about her Mum. She wondered if the dream was predicting a disaster to come. 

Even though it was a routine thyroid operation, Alicia felt like her mum would not survive. Of course, she was worried and confused, so she reached out and asked.

Premonitions as dreams are historically common, and when you’re not sure of the difference between a message from spirit and a message from fear, it can feel hard to discern.


Predicting disaster can seem real

In Alicia’s case, it’s normal to be concerned for her mother’s upcoming surgery. This is where it gets tricky – telling the difference between premonition and an ordinary fear is harder when it concerns ones we love. 

Those training their intuition also train their perception. The fact that Alicia took notice of her dream is wonderful because it means she is paying attention. But not every dream and every message is actually a message, and there are ways to tell.


Bad premonitions of a loved one are usually unfounded

If it’s a message about a loved one and it’s full of fear or foreboding or it’s just the normal subconscious going through the natural fears and worries for a loved one. It’s easy to mix the messages up.

Even trained people with years of experience, get it mixed up. We’re not immune.

Just remind yourself  you’re human. You haven’t failed. You just let your normal everyday earth brain that’s wired to look out for danger take the lead. It’s just love and worry. I did something like that spectacularly a few years ago.


predicting disaster when it is true


When my own prediction turned out wrong

I was in Paris just after the first passenger planes were shot down in 2014, and the return flight to Sydney was coming up. I convinced myself I wasn’t going to make it home. Was it a premonition or simply a natural fear?

Three crazy days trying to organize a will in France, where they did things very differently and a lot of French officials looking at me like I was a crazy woman. I probably was. Here’s what the difference is:


The calmer the thoughts the more it’s likely to be a premonition  

Fearful generates fearful thoughts with dramatic emotions swirling about in the head that never goes away. Real premonitions, on the other hand, are clear, simple, undramatic and are not constantly in the mind.

Check the level of drama in the thoughts. If there’s a lot, and it’s constant, then thank goodness, the bad news premonition isn’t real.

Learning to distinguish between fears and real messages is a skill and it can be learned. There’s a one hour self paced mini course to teach all the ways to tell when it’s a real message so you can have peace of mind and never worry you’re predicting disaster or not.

Trust your intuition


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Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

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