My yoga teacher is a stickler for alignment and that means spiritual alignment as well. You can’t fool her – she sees though the pretty shapes we make in our matching Lululemon outfits into that crappy looking pose we pretend is a downward dog. She says:


Don’t make pretty shapes on the outside, make them on the the inside where it counts.

It’s about what you do on the inside – where the energy and intention goes. It was an epiphany, because tried to look good to the class and making the outside shapes but they lacked substance. I was busy looking at everybody else, and forgot why I was there. And that was a great metaphor for life.


What are we here for?

To be connected on some way.

To ourselves if we’re lucky.

To a few meaningful someones if we are luckier still, and if we win the jackpot, we find connection to something even greater than that, and touch our version of God. I love the way she pushed us to reach a new level of what we were doing on the mat, as well as in the rest of our lives. She encouraged us to find a shape that suited us then own that shape. One that felt good for us. It might not get on the cover of someone’s Instagram account, but that shape is true for us.



Your way is OK

It’s also what I teach in the Psychic Connection Package – your way is OK. When our heart and soul is in the right place, we cant mess it up and everything becomes a message. There’s no cookie-cutter way to expand your psychic skills because we are all so unique. The way we express our skills makes us different and the world needs ALL the shapes.


Your life skills are also your psychic skills

If you love healing and know anatomy inside out, then the psychic info you receive will reflect that. If you love animals, you’ll be getting info about them, and if you’re a people person who remembers names easily, expect to receive lots of names in your psychic work. The skills we already have are also the skills we bring to energy work. I love seeing everyone blossom as they work and discover their life skills have a whole new outlet and they can enjoy being their real self – and be the shape that suits them the best.

The Psychic Connection Package is only run a few times a year to a maximum of 23 people. If you are ready to embrace your skills and connect to the deeper parts of you and shine – this course might be your next step.






YAAS! Booklet heading you way!