Why price enquiries for psychic readings don't end up in bookings

Why price enquiries for psychic readings rarely end up as bookings

If you’re a professional psychic reader, you might already know the frustration of responding to reading enquiries where they just want to know the price. And how rarely the enquiries become booked readings.

If you’re feeling curious and also over the labour of random price texts that are easily found on your website and socials, I offer these points for consideration:

Price enquiries for readings are a red flag.

So are long slabs of text explaining the dramatic situation or backstory of a reading. There’s nothing wrong with bargain hunting, and these days, every dollar counts.

Price enquiries for readings show two things

1: Asking only about the price for a reading shows what they care about: Price and only that.
If that’s the only criteria, and not the sacred work, ethics, values or years of training in the craft, they may not be a good fit.

2: DM’ing to ask me a price that’s clearly available in more than one place online means they aren’t yet interested enough to do the due diligence themselves.

I get it if some less than ethical psychics hide their prices or have weird hoop jumping before making an informed buying decision, but for me, that’s not the case.

My prices have not changed in five years. They went down in 2020. What went up were my boundaries.

In nine years reading professionally, responding to price enquiries almost never resulted in a booking and it’s not something I choose to do anymore.

Noticing red flags avoids burn out.

What to do instead? Ignore the ones who lead with price only in their enquires. At first, your inner people pleaser will squirm. Your inner Good Girl (enabler) will hate it. Then your inner grown up will love the space and integrity.

Now I send a thanks to those people for showing me they aren’t a good fit yet, so I can hold bandwidth for clients who are.

If you’re a professional psychic, or planning on it, I hope this helps.

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Why do price enquiries for psychic readings rarely end up as bookings?

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