You know the purple-eyed monster that rears up every time you see a certain somebody online that’s who’s a better psychic, a better reader or a better whatever than you? Psychic comparison-itis is REAL, and this blog will help you beat it so you can be back in your groove dancing to your soul purpose once again.

THAT purple eyed monster?


What is psychic comparison-itis?

Psychic comparisonitis is when you just need another course, a website makeover or maybe a five-star review from someone super famous to feel OK.  Or maybe 50 more clients. It’s when you stalk a competitor online because you want their secret to their success..

You may even want to sound like them and change how your communication style. If that happens you’re in danger of becoming a mini version of whoever it is you’re stalking and less like YOU. Comparing your gorgeous inside world to someone else’s outside one will never make you feel good.



Psychic comparison-itis: How to handle it.

If the purple eyed monster has you antis claws remember you still have a choice. If someone’s triggering all the icky feelings inside of not being good enough, there’s no need to follow them online.

Facebook now has a delightful snooze button to give them a holiday from your feed for 30 days. Imagine the great work you can do in that time.

Use that time to give to your gorgeous self and your amazing work instead. Perfect a new reading style.Update your bio. Join some new places  like the Psychic Playground Facebook Group, and hang out with peeps who are on your wavelength. Take naps, go to the movies in the day time – do whatever it takes to  feel the heart of why you wanted to do this work din the first place. Shine your light.


Here is what is really going on

It’s so easy to get pulled off track. Chances are if you’re comparing to others, you might  have temporarily lost sight of your own North Star, that guiding inner light showing you where you’re soul work is headed. Your North Star is your focus point and the reason you get up in the morning. Sometimes we lose sight of it.

When you catch yourself spending too much time looking at everybody else and what they’re doing, remember your focus has slipped to external stuff in the outside world and left the heart space of your inner compass.



How to find your north star again

Instead of following somebody else’s North Star, follow your own. Do it your way. Start with creating a great intro statement for your work that let people know exactly what you do in your style

The easiest ways to shine your light is to have a great intro statement that tells people what you are, what you do and how you approach your work. Share your principals and talk about how you work your psychic gifts. Use this great intro statement in  offers, at the start of readings, and to let potential customers know that you are right for them.

Before a session with a client, a great intro statement, (or magic blurb, as I like to call it) confirms why they made the best choice to book you fr a reading and helps manage their expectations.

Say you love to relationship readings, but doing future predictions jut isn’t your bag, because you believe there is always free will.  By having a magic blurb that explains the way you roll, it makes sure you and the client are on the same page, and she wont be asking, “but when will he marry me?” at the end.

A magic blurb is a powerful statement that says I’m following my north star, not anyone else’s.

When you follow your own North Star, abundance will follow as well. Clients love the clear statement and the bookings will flow. The people you’re meant to be connected to will find you, because your intro statement says, “I’m following my North Star. I know where I’m going.” They’ll be drawn to your energy, your star, your beautiful light, so the more you shine it the better.


How can you shine this light better?

Beating psychic comparisonitis is really not about spending more time looking at your competition. It’s the opposite. It’s about turning inwards and finding your North Star again.

Focus on getting back on track with your message, so the right people who want YOU can find you.People are going to love you for being you.

Does creating your magic blurb so that clients can easily find you and know what to expect sound like fun? It’s just one of the elements in the Nine Steps to Readings that Rock.  

While it does take more than a fabulous intro to deliver a reading that will knock them off their unicorn slippers, you’re well on the way. You’ll be so much closer to your North Star and never be pulled off course by psychic comparison-itis again. Access the other steps to readings that rock here: 


YAAS! Booklet heading you way!