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Denise Litchfield

Psychic Mini Courses



Psychic AF

A 90 minute reclamation of personal psychic power. Six psychic skills and three intuitive answers received using the skills taught inside the class.



Clairvoyant AF

Rule busting liberation for second sight.. (Burning bush not required) Stop overthinking and trust what you see. Get three personal messages in class.



How to be an Ungrateful Bitch and Win at Life

For frustrated spiritual seekers and recovering good girls. Set fire to your gratitude journal and meet your inner ungrateful bitch.

effortless You tube


Effortless Psychic Flow

A replay of a one hour masterclass on how to get Effortless Psychic Flow. Broken down into three sections with a Q&A at the end.

Plan and post Psychic Classroom


Plan and Post a Free
Psychic Reading

A free training to help you plan and post a psychic reading in a Facebook group – without overwhelm.

LEARN Bundle


Class Bundle

Sign up for any three classes for $40.

Audio Downloads

My shiny guides


My Shiny Guides

Sensing the spirit guides, helpers and inspirers that are part of your team.

My shiny Light OG


My Shiny Light

Build the power of a lasting connection to your own soul and the spirit world

restore recharge 1


Restore and Recharge

Ten-minute grounding for world-weary psychics and sensitive people.

meditation Bundle OG


Meditation Bundle

Download all three audio journeys:

My Shiny Light, My Shiny Guides and Restore and Recharge.



Grounded and
Present Audio

This 5 minute audio gets intuition back online, by stopping the outside world to tune inside. A great first step towards psychic ability.

Falling Up

– a guide for nervous mediums

A gift from the heart from one nervous beginner medium to another.

This tiny book guides your exploration of the inner worlds of your soul and beyond into the world of spirit.

With small stories, hints and gentle encouragement, Falling Up awakens memories of spiritual connection that was always there, and how to re-find it again.

FallingUp 3D 1 small
Becoming Evidential Images 6

Your teacher:

You want someone to learn from who’s been there and got the t-shirt when it comes to psychic and mediumship.

Someone who walks the talk and calls B/S on New Age waffle. You want her to open those invisible doors and place your power in one hand and a (vegan) cupcake in the other.

I’ll do that.
Hi, I’m Denise Litchfield.

My psychic training started at age 11 armed with tarot cards and a ouija board and I haven’t wavered once.

Whether you’re a nervous beginner not even sure she’s in the right place to a seasoned medium upgrading her skills, there is a training or mini course here for you.

I’m so grateful to be Mentored by the beautiful Denise. She has been an amazing Mentor who has challenged me in all the right ways. With Denise’s support I have been able to really gain an understanding of who I am as a Psychic Medium and how I can best serve my clients. Denise has an endless amount of experience and has demystified and cleared so many myths I had around Mediumship and has been able to help me hone in and develop real skills around evidence and delivery. Denise walks the walk and demonstrates a high level of professionalism. There has been so much growth and I have been able to stretch myself further. Thank you, Denise.
Kristy C.
Kristy C.
Insightful, no nonsense one of the best in the field .
Carolynne L.
Carolynne L.
I love my readings with Denise and come back every couple of years to touch base with her. She has a really strong intuition and a great way of putting things. Some of the scenarios she’s had an inking about have turned out totally true - in a wonderful way. You never feel lead one way or another - but she just brings awareness and clarity to things. It has been super helpful to me. A session with her will really bring certain things into focus.
Melanie A.
Melanie A.
Lovely, real & connective!
Doreen T.
Doreen T.
Thank you so much for today- I am truly blown away by the accuracy; it far exceeded my expectations. Also appreciate your bluntness and sincerity.
Nicole J.
Nicole J.
Trusted guide, honest feedback, extraordinary teacher.
Claire B.
Claire B.
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