Before you hit that button..

You might be spinning your chakras with excitement, but..

Jedi mind tricks and glossy marketing make it easy to sign up to big programs these days. Refunds are heartbreaking for both of us, which is why it’s wise to consider private mentoring carefully.

It takes a curious mix of courage and vulnerability to even consider working with a mentor, so full points to your brave and open heart to even read this far.

VIP mentoring is not only a cash investment but an investment in something more precious: Commitment.

The 3 month VIP program is AU$1490, payable in full or by negotiated payment plan.

If it’s a HELL YES from both of us, the first payment of $500 is due within 24 hours of our call.

If this is EEK! Click off now and look at the many free and smaller ticket group trainings on offer.


We’ll be like pizza & beer if:

  • You crave the confidence an average white man has with anything when it comes to psychic and mediumship.
  • You’re already elbow deep in your spiritual path and have the scars to prove it.
  • My salty, no B/S, direct style is adorable.
  • You already meditate like a monk in a hillside cave. (This part is non-negotiable.)
  • You have the crystal balls to do the work in between.
  • Recording practices with others doesn’t make you wanna throw up in your mouth.
  • You’re OK knowing alot of the time it’s gonna feel like walking a tightrope. (With a big ass net underneath.)
  • You’re self motivated and don’t need a lot of coddling. (I do a heap of encouraging, but I don’t babysit and have zero tolerance for tantrums.)
  • You’re friends with your inner perfectionist.
  • You’re breaking up with the need for external validation and ready to find it inside.

We’re gonna be awks if:

You believe psychic and mediumship is totally passive and Guides do it all.

You’re aiming for instant results – I wish! Nobody gets instant results, despite what the ads say.

Spiritual fame, a bikini body and a TV show is on your vision board.

You’re emotionally fragile, doing a heap of healing or working with a mental illness. Devote the time needed for healing then let’s talk.

Our time zones don’t match. I’m available between 8am and 8pm Sydney time, and never before coffee.

You’re already top of your game and teaching in this field. Well done you, but I might not be able to help.

You aren’t on Facebook. All of our conversations happen in messenger. It’s the fastest way to get hold of me. If you’re not on FB, the VIP program is not for you.

Last three things:

gold aura

VIP mentoring is not a complete answer:

This is my best work so far, distilled from nine years of formal mediumship training with some of the best UK and AU tutors in the world.

My sincere hope is that our work together conjures more curiosity and you leave the nest nourished, and ready for wherever your Spiritual journey takes you next.

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VIP mentoring is not a cure for emotional or mental crisis.

Sometimes soul work uncovers things that need healing.

If that happens, we’ll press pause button while you get the kind of trained support needed.

Ongoing mental or emotional conditions are beyond my scope and it’s best to work with me once things feel more stable.

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VIP mentoring does not cover business funnels, set ups and marketing.

While I consider myself good at marketing, it’s not my wheelhouse to teach it.

If you wanna be Insta-famous, I can’t help with that, but I’ll be 100% transparent on what works and hasn’t worked for me business wise in the last nine years.

Denise Litchfield

Take a breath and feel into the experience

If being a VIP client still feels good, I’ll be waiting with (virtual) prosecco and cake.

If not, I applaud your intuition and how you listened to it. The perfect next step is not here or not now and it will feel right then.

OK, what now what?

VIP psychic mentoring M 1
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Being a VIP client was the best investment in my psychic development. In four months my confidence and accuracy skyrocketed. I’m so happy I listened to my inner voice and took this journey.

– Michal Altawil