Multi-tasking is for intuitive work too

How much time do you have to check your psychic inbox? To “log on” and collect the messages and guidance waiting for you? Not as much as you’d like I bet. If you feel time poor and task heavy, you aren’t the only one. These days, it’s all about multitasking, even for intuitive work!

If you want to become more psychic, if you want to expand your awareness to include messages from your guides and higher self, it’s going to take time. These days I’m lucky to spend a full 30 minutes in meditation but I still need to prepare to do readings and mediumship. How do we grab the necessary time we need to develop our intuition and keep our lives going?


The next best thing to meditation

The next best thing to meditation is being grounded and in the present. It’s another way of  getting a clearer connection. When our minds  stop whirling we can be more effective in the unseen world. I’ve mentioned the three minute meditation trick in other blogs – where we multi-task our day by using the time we take doing no-brainer daily chores and use it as connection time.


It works because our minds have already switched off with an automatic chore. Think of showering, driving, waiting in the school pick up line. Any time there’s a routine no-brainer task can also be check-in time. Our minds can become quiet and that’s the goal.


Here’s another easy way to connect

Remember coloring in? We did it as children and it’s back in fashion. Why? Because it helps to still the mind and bring it back to the present. Giving your body and mind something random to do actually helps calm it.


Colouring brings that beautiful, slightly altered state where insights and healing happen.

The brain drops into an alpha rhythm which is where we get our answers. We can “go online” to access our psychic inbox in that mental stillness. If meditation is still something of a challenge, add movement to your meditation. Colour in, walk, do yoga. They are all mindful ways to tap into the same place. That five minutes of shivasana at the end of yoga class is a great place to check your psychic inbox.


Here’s another fun way to connect:

Perhaps you’re still looking for more ways. I love to have as many tools as I can, and we all love variety. I have another quick and easy technique to get to your psychic inbox. It’s a three minute centring process to gently prepare you for psychic work. If the day is just so busy you can’t even think, then grab this quick audio tool to help you get present and grounded.

Get grounded and present mindfulness tool here:



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