The word “psychic” gets thrown around a lot these days but what does it actually mean? It originally comes from the Greek language. The word “psykhikos” mean “of the soul”. Psychics work is connecting to another’s soul, so working as a psychic means working soul to soul. We are using our consciousness and energy and reach out to others and connect.


Psychic ability is natural, not supernatural

Psychic senses are those abilities beyond our normal physical capabilities. Nothing extra special about those capabilities as we all have them. We just don’t use them the same way or to the same extent.

Some people are naturally gifted at things like singing or playing the piano or even sorting socks. Some people are naturally good at using their psychic abilities and want to develop them even further. Those are the people that usually seek out a course or a tutor to help them.

I love working with people and help them evolve in their abilities so that they can rock their world little bit more intuitively as they access their guides and messages.



There’s no mystery around psychic abilities

I love demystifying psychic abilities. They really are not mysterious at all. Psychic means “of the soul” and a soul is something we all have. There’s is no need to make it more complicated.

The word psychic is an umbrella term for the collection of extrasensory skills. Our extra senses like clairvoyance, clairsentience, clair-smelling, clair-knowing are much like different breeds for the same dog.



It’s not what type of psychic you are, but how you use it

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