You know things – sometimes even before they happen. Friends call you a bit spooky and perhaps it runs in the family – but WHAT are you?  If it all sounds confusing, and your Demi Moore on the pottery wheel moments are building up, this will help you discover if you’re a psychic or a medium.


Psychic means ‘the soul’

The word “psychic” is an old Greek word that means “relating to the soul.”  There’s other familiar words that also have the same old Greek root word too – psychology, psychiatry, and even to ‘psyche’ someone out.

To be psychic means the soul is involved and since we all have a soul, we can also access this part of us as a natural talent.

A psychic is someone who can blend their energy with someone else. We all do it naturally, especially when we like someone. The way you know someone will call just before they do, or when a mother senses their child’s in trouble. Mother’s intuition is a psychic thing.


Psychics work with the living

A psychic works with the energy of someone who is alive. That somebody can be a person or an animal, and they can even get impressions from items that belonged to a person.

Much like a sniffer dog, they tune in to the energy left behind of the person who was in contact with that item. Ever walked into a room after an argument and felt the leftover energies? Even though the argument occurred hours ago, the imprint of it is still in the room, ready to be detected by our extra senses as we enter.



Getting impressions from an object is called ‘psychometry” – see the “psych” word popping up there? It’s the art of tuning in to objects and is a skill that can be learned.  When someone comes for an in-person reading, they bring me a leaf or a flower picked on the way and I begin their readings by sensing their energy through the flower, even though they touched it briefly.

A psychic uses the natural power of their soul to connect to those who are living and bring through messages to help, heal and uplift.



A medium connects to those who have passed

They use exactly the same techniques. So they still blending their energy. They still expand their energy out and receive information from those that have passed. The ones we say are “dead”.


If we can talk to them and they tell us about themselves and even what we are doing now since they’ve “died”, then how dead are they? Big philosophical questions aside, a psychic connects to living people and a medium connects to ‘dead’ ones.

Both psychics and mediums work the same way; they use their skills to tune into the energy of someone. If they are alive, it’s a psychic reading. If they are “dead”, it’s a mediumship reading.

A medium’s job is to stand in the middle and that’s basically what we do. We’re  like the phone line and transfer the messages we receive to someone here. A good medium always gives enough info about the person in the Spirit World so it’s very clear it’s them.


Can you be both?

Yes you can! There’s a funky saying: All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. It means if you’re a medium you’ll also be psychic. But just because someone’s psychic doesn’t guarantee they’re a medium. It’s a higher skill.

Want to know how to be a medium? In the beginning the training is just the same. That’s why I spend ages on the basics in my signature course, the Psychic Connection Package. We use all the fundamentals before moving onto talking to “dead people’.


Still not sure?

Do you get messages from the living or do you get them from the departed?  Because if you get them from the departed you’re a medium, and if you get them from someone living or an animal or objects you’re psychic. Pretty simple, huh?

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