beginners of the psychic arts have the same thought: “I’m making it up.” They think it’s their imagination because nobody ever told them intuitive faculties and daydreaming happen in the same part of the brain. But how do you know you’re not making it up? In the beginning, you don’t.

No matter if you were born with fabulous psychic senses, there is still training to be done. Even Mozart needed a few piano lessons. It’s easy to be confused and not know the difference between imagination and messages coming from a higher part of us. To make it worse, that difference is subtle and unique to every person, because everyone’s gifts are different. Our DNA is 99% identical, and it’s that one magical percent that makes us all amazingly and gorgeously unique. Each of us gets to discover how our own soul communicates with us.


This is why cookie cutter psychic skill programs are a waste of time.

No one can tell you exactly how to tune in to your soul’s wisdom beyond the basic direction. I can point out a path, but you climb it. And you might make a new path on the way up. Luckily, there are sign posts, and you’ve already had one. It’s the tingles when your best friend shared a secret that was deep and true. It’s the feeling your grandpa got in his elbow before a dry spell on the farm and it’s the tickle on the top of your head when you just know something is right. These are all calling cards of your higher self letting you know you’re on the right track. We’ve all had them.


Calling cards are confirmations you’re not alone

For example, when I first started doing psychic training, my right shin would get very hot. At first I didn’t pay any attention, but as I practised, the “hot shin” happened every time I got something right in class. Soon I learned it was my “calling card” and knew to trust whatever was coming through into my awareness. If I got the “hot shin”, I knew I wasn’t making it up, and my confidence increased.

The thing that helped most, in the beginning,was learning to understand the subtle differences between my normal mental chatter, and the communications from a deeper part of me. We are all spirit, but we rarely get taught how to access that part of ourselves and use it in a practical way. Discovering your unique “calling cards” from Spirit is one to discern what is coming from a higher source and what may just be imagination. It’s one of the first steps to training your psychic skills and builds a deeper trust in the information coming through.

The next step is discovering the various ways our mind does intervene to judge, minimise and dramatise our intuition. One rule of thumb is: if its dramatic, long and intense, it’s our fear talking. If it’s short, detached and has a full stop at the end, it’s intuition. Learn the other ways to trust your intuition in a practical hour long mini-course here:  Trust Your Intuition.


Trust your intuition


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