Are you just starting out learning to read oracle cards and want practice?  In the Psychic Playground Facebook Community there’s a very popular day just for free readings.

Perfect for beginners and seasoned readers. Maybe you’ve been playing cards or reading for friends and thinking it’s time to take that next step. I’d love to help you take that next step.

A five card reading to help you learn about giving readings.

First tip: Be you. Be your fabulous, gorgeous self. Work to your strengths. No one can do you better than you so whatever you’re doing with your free reading, make yourself shine through because that’s who we’re really coming to anyway.

Second tip:  You are exactly where you need to be. Everyone steps up, everyone moves forward, and everyone was a beginner once. Honour that beautiful place because you will look back and go, “Wow, look where I’ve come from.” It’s okay to be a beginner. It’s okay to be a newbie. There’s lots of people just dying to be read for by you. They want your insights and they’re ready to give you a go and give you fabulous feedback. You are exactly where you need to be. It’s okay.

Third tip: Feeling and Form. If you thought about doing a free offer reading in a Facebook group, you’ve probably thought, “Hmm, there’s a few more moving parts to this than I actually thought. There’s the format, there’s the delivery, how am I going to do this? How am I going to handle people who want more? What about if they do want more? Gee, do I have a way of taking money if they actually want to buy from me?” It gets a bit overwhelming sometimes. Maybe all you want to do is experience what it’s like just to give a reading in a Facebook group.

Tip four: Decisions. Once you’ve decided on the format, your delivery, how you’d like to do it, decide on what you’re going to do and stick to it. Stick to the number of people that you will offer for and hold to that.  Not only does that honour your energetic boundaries but it also conserves your beautiful energyl. It’s okay to say no and leave them wanting and build up the excitement for next time.

Final tip: The fifth card in this five card reading about how to do a free reading offer in a Facebook group is Mentor. That’s me. I’d love to help you and give you the five tips on how to put together a successful free reading offer in a Facebook group.

Ready to do it?

If doing psychic readings is part of your ongoing psychic development, there’s a free resource to help you get there.

Before I began reading professionally, I set myself 100 free readings to do for online clients.

In this free 60-minute masterclass you will:

* Work to your strengths, not someone else’s

* Design an offer that gets snapped up in minutes

* Learn the secrets to a successful free reading

* Manage overwhelm and performance pressure

* Get one step closer to paid readings

Watch the free online masterclass on How to do a Successful Free Reading in a Facebook group.

Successful free readings