The things she picks up on leaves no doubt she’s the real deal. – Laura Dick

psychic readings Denise Litchfield

Psychic Readings

Straight forward, down to earth psychic reading with confirming and healing information you can use.
I won’t bother with fluff or future based ‘advice’, and you won’t hear any talk about past lives or aliens, either.
Instead, I’ll highlight issues in the past and present that leads up to a crystal clear picture of what’s going on for you right now, so you can shape your tomorrows.

The best results are when there’s a true need, rather than entertainment, curiosity or to see whatever comes up. If you want to know the future, go see a fortune teller or a cheap hotline, but don’t book me.

I look forward to working with you live on Zoom, where you can record the session if your device permits.

There was important specific information that convinced me.

I was left with an incredible peace of mind I still carry around.

 – Colette Copeland, artist.





Mediumship Reading

30 minutes @ $95.00
Mediumship is the art of being ‘in between’, when a trained medium opens the gates between this world and the next bringing verifiable information from those you love who have passed on.
Expect evidence and proof of who they were, what it was like to know them and shared memories you had together. Feel them close and remember the love which never dies.
You’ll receive confirmation and a beautiful sense of peace to take with you.

The best readings are ones with a true need, so if you’re coming for entertainment, curiosity or ‘just to see whatever comes up.’ please don’t book me!

A reading never tells you what to do, or give advice, much less futures. If you want to know the future, go see a fortune teller or a cheap hotline.

I’ll look forward to meeting you live, on Zoom and there’s an option to record the session if your device allows it.



Business reading

45 minutes @ $145.00
As a savvy biz lady, you’re keen for the golden nuggets of wisdom to make more money with less sweat.
Imagine uncovering the thing sabotaging your income, or a tiny tweak to make your message thumb stoppingly fabulous?
A psychic business reading can do that. I’ll peek into your biz from a different perspective to come up with refreshing and surprising directions – but YOU do the work!
Book a business reading to check in on a new project or change in direction.
Please don’t bother with “will my business be successful?” questions. I’m not a fortune teller, and anyone can tell you your business will work if you do.
If you’re up for the real truth, then this business reading is for you.

 You said the right job opportunity would come around November,

which it did, and that it’d be in a converted warehouse (which it is).

You said my boyfriend would ask me to move in with him…

which he did within a week of our reading. – Cecilia B

I have peace of mind about a situation that was causing a lot of anxiety. – Alexandra M.