The things she picks up on leave no doubt she’s the real deal. – Laura Dick

psychic readings Denise Litchfield

Psychic Readings online

For you and your life.

A psychic reading is confirming and reassuring with accurate information about your past, your soul qualities and where your natural strengths are.

Leave with the confidence and inspiration to craft your future the way you want.

Not taking anyone’s power away is a drum I’ll bang till the day I die – so I won’t be taking yours by giving guidance, fluffy unicorn futures or vague predictions.

I’m direct and to the point, thanks to a German mother, so book only if you’re ready to hear the truth. Not sure what to book?

Most take a 45 minute reading to get a little of everything.

There was important specific information that convinced me.

I was left with an incredible peace of mind I still carry around.

 – Colette Copeland, artist.


30 minutes @ $110.00

Lost someone, and wanna hear from them again? Mediumship is the choice.

Expect memories, shared times and quirky special things about them so you truly know.

Mediumship never advises or predicts, but your loved ones know how you’re going and will always comment.

Expect to feel comforted and witnessed by them along with the healing that happens with contact from from the world of Spirit.


Spiritual Assessment

45 minutes @ $160.00

For the spiritual traveller checking in on the journey.

Book a spiritual assessment to hear about your soul growth and direction.

We leave the everyday life behind and focus on the soul’s potential, abilities and where it most wants to go.

Please note, there are no futures given or messages from spiritual hierarchies. The power will stay with you the entire time and you will feel a soul deep confirmation.

 All readings are done online. 

 You said the right job opportunity would come around November,

which it did, and that it’d be in a converted warehouse (which it is).

You said my boyfriend would ask me to move in with him…

which he did within a week of our reading.

– Cecilia B

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a bit nervous, what happens in a reading?

Well, no one’s going to levitate, but it’s normal to feel some kind of excitement and anticipation. Remember your loved ones already know you’ve made the booking so they will be there.

There’s no such thing as bad news in a reading as everything that comes from your soul and spirit is love and support.

Relax, knowing you’re where you’re meant to be. In the reading, I’ll need you to only respond with five words:

I don’t know

It keeps the reading pure and makes sure I’m not ‘cheating’ by asking you questions. Even though it’s simple, it’s easy to forget that you can’t say more so I’ll gently shush you!

I want you to leave knowing that there was a true soul connection and that you didn’t ‘feed me with any information.

Do you give times and predictions?

Short answer: No. However, if it comes naturally in a reading (meaning you haven’t asked) then I trust the spirit word and will happily give it.

Predictions are not evidential and can’t be proven, so please don’t book a readings to ask when or if type questions.

This goes for fertility questions, legal outcomes, and romantic issues.

Sometimes future potentials happen, but I prefer to work with the spirit world and defer to them if they wish to pass this on.

I’ll be working on your behalf and always with the best interests of your soul growth in mind and with that, often richer things come out in a reading than timelines and predictions.

Do you do in person readings?

Short answer: No.

I’ve read online for eight years and enjoy continued spectacular results. Plus this makes me super accessible from the comfort of any place in the world.


Can I record the reading?

Yes! Feel free to record the audio, or depending on the device we use to meet online, the option to record may be there. Trust that you will be the only one with the file and it is private and confidential.

Can you read for my friend and I together?

Readings are so personal, it can only be for one person at a time. Enjoy the luxury of a reading that’s all about you.

For a mediumship sitting, a booking of more than one person needs to be discussed prior to your appointment.

What if you’re just not getting anything?

I follow the ‘The 10-min ‘rule’’. If within ten minutes of the start of a reading we can’t connect, either with a loved one or for a psychic reading, we will wrap it up and process a refund immediately

Readings aren’t an exact science and these things happen. This option means you also have the choice of ending before the ten-minute mark if it doesn’t feel right for you.

After the ten-minute period, the reading will continue and there will be no refunds from then on.

I don't have any big questions, I just want to see what comes up.

A psychic or mediumship reading is a sacred practice, and I take my training seriously. If you’re just curious or coming for entertainment, please don’t book.

Get a pedicure instead.

My readings won’t tell the future, or if he’s coming back. They connect to your soul and its journey towards understanding itself and the world.

Will you tell me about other people? (Third Party Reading)

Doing third-party readings is like snooping. It needs permission and it’s kind of icky. How would you feel knowing someone got a reading about you?

I won’t tell you what he thinks of you, or how your children are doing. Instead, I’ll read the energy around a mutual situation, such as a relationship, but not a particular person if they are not in the room.

How do I prepare for the reading?

Even though there’s nothing to do, some like to have a list of questions ready. Make sure you can be in a quiet, private space to connect on Zoom and arrive relaxed.

Feel free to take notes, and be open to the experience. Psychic and mediumship is an art, so be ready to enjoy the time together.

I look forward to reading for you soon.

I have peace of mind about a situation that was causing a lot of anxiety. – Alexandra M.