I have peace of mind about a situation that was causing a lot of anxiety. – Alexandra M.

Psychic Reading

30 minutes @ $95.00
You want answers? I got ’em. This is a fast paced, straight forward, down to earth psychic reading with evidence you can use in your life right now.
I won’t bother with fluff and future based ‘advice’. That’s not my area. Instead, I’ll prove my psychic connection by showing you the issues in the past and present that lead up to a crystal clear picture of what’s going on for you right now. Only then will we move onto future potentials.
Whether it’s business, relationships or house selling, a half hour reading suits a quick check in. Get lots of “Aha” moments without new age waffle.

Psychic Reading 45 mins

45 minutes @ $145.00
More answers, more often in this deeper, longer, straight forward psychic connection. Expect me to offer info about you and your most important questions in an ‘OMG-how-did-you-know-that-way’, because, hey – I’m psychic.
That doesn’t mean I fix your life – you do that, but I’ll highlight what’s going on and the direction you soul most wants you to go in.
Do I close my eyes and chant or talk in a funny voice? Nope. I’ll look you right in your third eye and tell it as it is. Perfect for more than one question or a bigger area to explore.  Get clear and confirmed info you can use right now without new age waffle.

Business reading

45 minutes @ $145.00
As a savvy biz lady, you’re keen for the golden nuggets of wisdom to make more money with less sweat. Imagine uncovering
the thing sabotaging your income, or a tiny tweak to make your message thumb stoppingly fabulous?
A psychic business reading can do that. I’ll peek into your biz from a different perspective to come up with refreshing and surprising directions.

Full year forecast reading

45 minutes @ $155.00
We all want to know if the hero gets the gal and rides off into the sunset, don’t we? Even though my forehead beads with psychic sweat, I still won’t tell your future, but a full year forecast is the next best thing.
Get the heads up on the year to come, with a month by month or area by area in depth peek. 
Expect what needs to come up will, and it might not be what you think!  Spirit is in charge of this, and I dance to their tune, but the chorus will always be “aha”, “ooh” and the occasional “OMG”.  That’s the magic of forecasts; Spirit always has a few surprises.

Psychic Reading 1hr

1 hour @ $195.00
For when you want to plunge into the ocean of spirit and guidance. We cover so much in an hour – you’d be amazed what comes up. Get clear insight on what your soul and guides wish to say, and have the recording to listen back to.


30 minutes @ $95.00
Mediumship is the art of being ‘in between’. It’s when a trained medium opens the gates between this world and the world of Spirit to bring through information from those you love who have passed on.
Expect evidence and proof of who they were, what it was like to know them and shared memories you had together. Then we move on to advice or observations from heaven.
You’ll feel them close and remember the love you always had which never dies.  You’ll receive confirmation and a beautiful sense of peace to take with you.  All my sessions, are live in person, either on Zoom, or my house, and you always have the option to record the session.

 You said the right job opportunity would come around November,

which it did, and that it’d be in a converted warehouse (which it is).

You said my boyfriend would ask me to move in with him…

which he did within a week of our reading. -Cecilia B.