When a friend asks for an intuitive reading do you cringe inside? Do you worry about getting it wrong, or getting anything at all?

What about the other times when you’re spot on, and 100% correct? Those times when it’s spontaneous, off the cuff and no-ones trying? Maybe there’s even been a glass of wine involved. Now I’m not advocating drinking to get psychic, but being relaxed does help.

There’s a lady who calls herself the “Champagne Medium”.

She is a funny, articulate woman whose readings amaze her friends – when she’s had a glass of wine or two. I met her on a week long mediumship retreat and she kept us all amused with tales of readings she’s done and people she read for over the years. She’s been the Champagne Medium for a while now.

But then a weird thing happened. In class she couldn’t do it. Her abilities dried up until she realised this was the first time working sober. She had to re-learn how to make an intuitive link to someone without having the relaxing influence of a few champagnes.

It’s fun when we read for others in a spontaneous, informal way. There’s no pressure, no fees or expectant client across from us with a list of questions. Working professionally means we are in control of our ability and switch it on when needed.

It’s one thing to have intuitive information arrive spontaneously and offer it when you feel like it, but what if you want more than that? The randomness of our ability needs to come more in control so we have it on demand. There’s no need for a glass of bubbly or the moon to be full.


Relax to switch on intuition.

Strangely enough, the more we create a sense of play, by relaxing and going with the flow, the better our information becomes. Insights flow and the “aha” moments are thick and fast.

By relaxing, it’s more of what we’re not doing, than what we’re doing.  Think back to the insights in the shower, or driving. It’s because there’s no trying, or effort and there’s no pressure for an outcome. We drift with that flow and very soon the intuitive juices are running.

It’s precisely that day-dreamy, semi-meditative headspace we create when reading. It’s perfect for Spirit communication and extra sensory info. That’s why there’s a whole section of free psychic training in my Facebook group, The Psychic Playground. The free training is even called a playdate. We create a feeling of relaxed play in order to switch into our intuitive mindset.

Games, puzzles and oracle cards are all wonderful kick-starts into that daydreamy space. If you’d like to access a playdate, I’d love to welcome you to the Psychic Playground. It’s a community for women to grow, nurture, and share their psychic abilities in a supportive environment.



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