Discovering intuitive ability doesn’t have to take a lot of time and cost the earth. As this year draws to a close, I’m rounding up the 7 best free psychic resources of 2017 in one place. Starting from the psychic strength quiz that’s had over 120,000 downloads to the Ultimate Guide to Spirit Guides. No matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned psychic, there’s something handy for you.


The psychic strength quiz

Is the best place to start if you’re curious about your intuiton. There’s many way s psychic info comes to us, and we might use all six kinds. You might be a clairvoyant Seeker, or a Sage, who just “knows stuff”. You may hear songs that become a message like the Seashell, or find worlds spill out of your mouth before your realise, like the Speaker. However your psychic strengths work, there will be more info on it’s way with the quiz.




10 ways to improve your intuition:

This isn’t the standard 10 tips! Created specially for intuitives on the go, these 10 tips will set you on the path of spiritual discovery fast. There’s even a weird one: mugwort tea. Long used by psychics and witches to open the third eye – that’s if you can stand the taste. Download your copy here.



Stay grounded and present:

So easy to be off with the pixies as a psychic!  Our feet are already half way in the next worlds as it is. If you have trouble staying “in the moment”, thinking about the future, or hashing over the past, you could be missing out on the insight available as an intuitive. After all, its the only place we can be truly effective. Download this 5 minute grounding technique and increase your effectiveness. Get grounded here. 

Free Meditation: Grounded & Present



The Guide to Spirit Guides

So much written about Spirit Guides it’s hard to keep up! If you feel lost in a sea of information, or worse – inferior because of everything on Google, the Guide to Spirit Guides will restore your faith to bring you closer to an authentic connection than ever before. Need to know a guides full name rank and serial number before it’s official? Nope. A simple ebook to banish myths and build confidence. Download yours now.




Learn to give readings in a Facebook Group

A free masterclass specially designed to help those who love reading for friends take the next step to reading for strangers in a safe and fun way. The Psychic Playground FB Group hosts a free reading day once a week where beginners are encouraged to offer readings. Learn how to structure and offer one in an online group. 

Successful free readings



Want 57 more?

I celebrated a birthday with 57 tips from a psychic, one for every year I’ve been alive. The journey never ends, and I’m happy to share all I’ve learned since discovering the world of Spirit at age 11.  There’s also a fun video to go match.  Read it here: 




My Facebook community is where I give away lots of psychic training for free.  Join the Psychic Playground Facebook Community and dig into all the free psychic training you like.There’s a theme for each day as a prompt, and lots of non-judgemental support waiting. Help yourself!






YAAS! Booklet heading you way!