Welcome to the first edition of Spirited Conversations – this is episode #SC01.


Expect a short snappy chat with a dash of spice and rebellion – just like my blogs and videos. Today we touch on a sensitive topic for intuitives – when is it OK to offer intuitive advice? I chat to Danielle Gardner who has alternative marketing ideas for spiritually oriented people in business. Here’s the basics of her blog – be sure to catch the rest here: Mind your own intuitive business.



When is it OK to offer intuitive advice?

1 When someone asks for it.

2. Don’t assume just because it is an intuitive or spiritual group that permission is granted. Become mindful of whether the person is ready to hear or even seeking an intuitive answer.

3. Offer to message them in private.

4. Check in with yourself for the reason the intuitive info is necessary to share. Who are you serving?

Spirited Conversations is a series of sassy and straight to the point interviews with intuitive thought leaders who love to speak their mind.


Find out more about Danielle Gardner and her quiet approach to marketing for intuitives and healers. 



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