Welcome to Spirited Conversations – this is episode #SC02.


Spirited Conversations is a series of sassy and straight to the point interviews with intuitive thought leaders who love to speak their mind – a short snappy chat with a dash of spice and rebellion – just like my blogs and videos. Today we are talking to Zilke Davey about her experience at the Mediumship retreat she attended with Tony Stockwell at the Country Place at Kalorama in VIC.

Inside look at a Mediumship retreat with Zilke Davey

1. The effects of Mediumship work on the physical body and our nervous system.

2. Tuning into your sitters for what is needed most in a reading.

3. Why tapping into the sitter way before the reading might lead to wrong answers.

4. Zilke’s #1 tip for a retreat like this is to come with an open mind and with no expectation. Also be prepared to have long days and work very hard but also laugh a lot.

5. Acquiring the courage to step up and start charging for readings.



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