Welcome to Spirited Conversations – this is episode #SC03.

Leesa Turner is an Intuitive Business Coach and Mentor for Spiritual Entrepreneurs who are just at the start of their journey.

They may not have the support of close family and friends, or they don’t know how to get their new business off the ground.

Leesa combines her knowledge from her years of experience working in management and marketing as well as an Energy Healing practitioner with her spiritual knowledge, including law of attraction and quantum physics along with her ability to intuitively tune into her clients unique situations to see where the blocks are and clarify the direction they need to go in.

Leesa provides easy, grounded, practical advice and steps to spiritual entrepreneurs to clear the doubt and fine tune what direction to go in.


Freebie: My Chakra Business Plan

My Chakra Business Plan combines the different energy centres of your business with different stages of planning for your business to give you a solid foundation from the Root Chakra up.


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