Someone asked me a great question: “I am scared to open myself up to the spirit world. I struggled since a child with my sensitivity to spirits and I feel I am very sensitive emotionally. But I don’t want to encourage them.

I am also from a Christian background but can’t find any answers to my questions or experiences. Why can’t I find much information about negative/evil spirits? I’m scared to be psychic”



You know you are sensitive. You’ve had some kinds of contact with spirit that’s left you with questions and perhaps a healthy dose of caution. You have a natural concern about your own boundaries and protection if you decide to open up to spirit more. First of all, YAY for YOU!!

You are sensitive enough to realise we all swim about in an energy soup, and you don’t want certain bits to stain your beautiful new dress. You may already be functioning psychically and can to see/fee/hear Spirit. – What we call the “clairs”. Clairvoyance(seeing), clairsentience (feeling),clairaudience (hear them) and clair sentience (feeling them).



Maybe spirit has made a huge effort to get you to notice them and it’s scared the daylights out of you.

While there’s nothing to be scared about (I’ll get to that in a bit). If you want to develop your ability to connect with spirit there are some do’s and don’ts. All pretty much common sense. Chances are your friends might also be curious. Gather some good friends of like mind to start a meditation circle. There is strength in numbers.  It’s all about stilling your mind while also imagining yourself filled with light. Protective light. In your mind, call to your Spirit guides to stand by, even if you have no clue who they are. They know you. They‘ve been with you since before you were born. Some call them the Higher Self, or in psychological terms, the Inner Self Helper.

Better still, find a Spiritualist Church that does Development Circles. That’s where I train and I love their down to earth, no new age fluff approach. Plus they don’t charge a fortune. If you get into any difficulty, there’s always someone there to guide you.

Anyone who wants to sell you a crystal, potion or card deck to expand your ability may as well be selling you magic beans.

The power is always, always inside you, never outside. Your light shines bright, which is one of the reasons spirit is drawn to you in the first place. I can’t emphasise enough to get trained. Knowledge is power, you will see that spirit is a beautiful place and know that your own light shines in tandem with spirit.


Don’t worry, I used to be TERRIFIED until someone taught me too! Helping budding sensitives understand their psychic superpowers is what I do. After over 40 years figuring it out the hard way, I offer straight talking, user friendly guidance to anyone curious or overwhelmed by spirit energy. No, you aren’t going crazy. I’m here to help. If this feels right, let’s chat.



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