Today we cover one of the main blocks to opening our third eye – fear of what we might see. So many savvy, intuitive women hold themselves back over this!

I used to be scared of the dark

Many because of the things I could sense and see there. That’s why I squished down my abilities for so long. I was so sensitive I cried alot and got called a baby. It took years to figure out my sensitivities were really a gift.

It’s normal to worry about seeing things that might be scary. This is a great sign because it means we’re paying attention and we are already aware of energies around us. Our imaginations might also be influenced too. Hollywood tends to portray the spirit world as being extra dramatic, and even the Sixth Sense, while it was close to what really happens, we don’t usually see things as graphically as the little boy did.


What if I see something scary?

This is a valid block and it kept me from exploring my abilities for years. No one needs to be scared. However real clairvoyance is much less spectacular than it’s made out to be. In fact once you start using it, it feels almost like an anticlimax after watching all those movies. It’s quite low key. 


You’re always protected

When we start on the Spiritual path, we’re not alone. Spirit knows and sticks close by. There’s a feeling of protection as they gather close to see you progress at the right pace. When we start improving our intuition and dedicating our time and intention towards it, we’re never alone. Spirit knows and helps out.



It’s gradual

Psychic unfoldment is gradual and often, the people that work with me in the Psychic Connection Package say, “I felt a real confirmation about what I already knew.”

They know the thoughts and voices they hear are clairaudience. The images seen running across the screen their mind is clairvoyance. The feelings they tap into with another person is clairsentience. There is a gradual unfoldment and progress rather than the acid trippy portrayals in the movies and books.


What mostly happens

What mostly happens is big validation of all previous skills, then an upgrade so you can tune in more reliably. In the Psychic Connection Package, I teach the process of how to connect, so it’s a life skill that never leaves. Knowing the hows, whys and whats means you’ll always know how to connect, and never have to rely on an outside source.

So will you see something scary? Probably not. It’s not the way spiritual development happens. It’s slow and easy and meant to be comfortable. Most people get an immediate validation of all their present skills, then a heightening of the sensitivity as their ability depends and stabilises. Many students feel a wonderful recognition of the power they already had, like a confirmation of what they already knew, and a heightening.


You get super cool boundaries too

As a side order, our spiritual boundaries increase. You get to be in charge of what you see and what you don’t. People respect you more – it’s a funny side effect of having strong energy. Isn’t it wonderful to know that you have clairvoyance, that you can see and sense and hear? You’re already intuitive. You’ve already got it.

If you’d like to take your clairvoyance a step further, the Psychic Connection Package runs 3-4 times a year, with a small hands on group. We work together to increase all four psychic “clairs” as well as develop strong energy boundaries so we’ll never get nocked about by other people’s stuff again. Check out the Psychic Connection Package below:



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