Denise Litchfield - Soul squad website

This is your invitation to enrol in Soul Squad.  24 hours to complete payment.

It’s easier to dance on a dance floor packed with dancers and a great beat.

It’s easier to be a medium in a room full of other enthusiastic mediums, all following the beat of their own soul.


We’re waiting for you inside.


She makes it fun while getting into the deeper sides our mediumship – Schrae Martin

what happens now:

Lock your membership rate in by checking Paypal is linked to a credit card to ensure payment does not lapse.

On completion, an automated email welcomes you with links to join the private Facebook group and learning platform where the pre-recorded modules are.

Leave at any time, and rejoin at the current memership rate.  

Memberships can't be transferred or put on hold. 

It’s a no fluff, straight to the point, easy going environment with a great mentor who teaches the basics and the simplicity of this work.

- Alisha Jade

We have space to fail, fall, reset, grow and succeed. 
It’s a no bullshit approach and it’s freaking awesome
- Angie Valentine

I’ve met my tribe in soul squad. A place where you want to stay in the room because there is so much love and support there.
- Tania Cipollone

  The camaraderie, joy and support in Soul Squad mean I laugh, witness others with awe, feel butt naked and shit scared usually in the same call.

I feel home here.
- Pam Sussman