— but with mediumship

Uplevel mediumship confidence in two hours. No time for second guessing, only trust and commitment.  Platform techniques for intermediate and advanced levels. Class offered in two time zones.

This isn’t mediumship like Mum used to make

This isn’t run-of-the-mill mediumship. SPEED DATING is for advanced evidential mediums who wanna get skilled FAST in the all-important first few minutes of a contact.

It needs to be smooth. Like the first few moments of a date can either be awkward and clunky, or both feel instantly at ease.

Then after a few more dates you get the hang and the intro moments get easier and relaxed. Same for mediumship.

The establishing minutes are make or break and believe it or not, there are actual techniques that make it successful and non awkward. That’s what’s going down in this class.

Wanna get smoother at the first few important minutes in a mediumship reading? Book a spot for Speed Dating But With Mediumship.

For advanced mediums familiar with open gallery style mediumship.

No breakout rooms.

No refunds, no rescheduling.

Hands on SKILLS to uplevel your mediumship.

We’re a good match if….

You know in your soul you’re a medium and platform style gallery mediumship is exciting.

You’ve done great courses already and want to get better at establishing who the spirit person is in less than two minutes.

You thrive in the no-fluff style of evidential mediumship.

Working a Zoom gallery may intimidate you, but you’re up for the challenge!

Speed Date in two time zones: 10 am and 7 pm AEDT Sydney time. 10 am suits most US and Europe times and 7pm suits Aussies and night owls.

Your post was the first thing I saw on FB this morning, and I tripped over myself to get to the sign up page

Sarah Marie


This class makes me wish I saw dead people.

Suzanne Culberg

Nope Coach

If mediumship was a concert, this class would be the mosh pit. Hold my beer, I’m going in.
Don Ricardo

Ready to upskill like crazy?

Last class for 2022. Class limited to 12. Two class times to choose from.


What happens in class?

2 hours to upskill the all important first few minutes of a platform style mediumship contact.

Everyone gets equal time with personalised feedback and help.

Class is recorded and made available for replay – so many gems in watching it back.

Watch and learn from colleagues as they work – this will be intense and magical.


Denise Litchfield

I remember as a little girl I would sneak into the kitchen drawer, retrieve the scissors, tape and glue, then venture into my closet. My mother would find me hours later, dressing my dolls with pillowcases transformed into dresses and socks altered into mini purses. To me, fashion has always been a thrilling experiment and opportunity to express the complexities and layers of who I am through a diverse wardrobe. I’ve realized that this passion is shared amongst many and I find true fulfillment providing tools and guidance for others to enjoy.

‘It’s not the spirit world coming to you – it’s you going to the spirit world’

– Mavis Pittilla