Yes, I went there. I created a spirit guide meditation. Even though there are thousands of “Meet your Guides” meditations, I had to do one. I’m old fashioned when it comes to psychic training; I love to go back to basics, and I love myth busting even more.

The sad thing with some some meditations is they lack lasting results. Guided meditations certainly have a place, but when it comes to connecting to Spirit Guides, it needs to happen in our energy fields, not just the mind. If we want lasting results, the meditation had to reach to a higher place.

Because when it comes to working with Guides and Helpers in the Spirit world, we are the ones who have to raise our awareness high enough to meet them half way. Because of their high vibration they just can’t reach us unless we have a high vibe and can maintain it for a long enough time to get a practical result.


Spirit Guide meditations are like Chinese food

They leave you wanting more. If you’ve ever heard someone say, “Oh, yes, I met my guide once. But I don’t hear from them now.” It could mean the experience might have been subjective – a mental one only.

We’re going for something more permanent – a real energetic exchange. That’s what happens in Journey to Meet Your Guides: My Shiny Guides. We use the basic practise of expanding our aura, only this time, we reach all the way to the spirit realm.

Not only does your intuition expand, but the rest of your life expands, too. The journey to connect with guides, was requested by the students on the Psychic Connection Package. They wanted a longer, deeper practice and didn’t want to finish after 10 minutes.

Listen to a preview of My Shiny Guides now and get ready to experience a connection to the realm of your inspirers.