When everyone else seems to have a great spirit guide relationship and you can’t help feeling like you’ve been left out of the party, it isn’t true.

Even though they SEEM  to have all the psychic mojo with their spirit guides whispering little messages in their ears,  that may not be the case. If it makes you compare your inside experience with someone else’s social media update, chances are you might be better off as you are. It might make you want to work harder on your gifts or think you need to do another course on “how to talk to your spirit guides” but there’s an easier way.


Don’t bust a chakra

Working harder is actually not the answer. So, before you go out there and bust a chakra trying to connect to your spirit guide, just stop. The harder you try to reach out with your mind, the further away you will drift from creating a meaningful connection with your guides.




Think of your guides just like your BFFs in the physical world

When you hang out with your best pals, it’s not a massive effort, it just happens and you enjoy each other’s company. The vibe is good and you are relaxed. That kind of relationship doesn’t just develop overnight. It’s something that is built over time. You have to work on it regularly, not  just when you want something.



Check in with your guides regularly

Setting  aside time to connect and build your spirit guide relationship doesn’t have to be laborious. Use odd down times like waiting for the bus, cooking dinner, or when your mind normally  drifts off to other stuff. Most importantly, don’t compare yourself to others.

The truth is the psychic swag you think others have, may not be as amazing as they’d like you to believe.

Instead, nurture your own relationship with your guides. If you’d like a little helping hand with that, you can download The Ultimate Guide to Spirit Guides. It will set you on the right path.





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