Here’s the truth about Spirit Guides no one ever wants to tell you: Connecting to them is hard work.   I’ll let you in on another truth about Spirit Guides: I don’t even know who my guides are, let alone their names, and I’ve been at this a while now. There’s no need to feel inferior because you haven’t met them yet, in fact , consider the idea that you’ve already met! Perhaps when you both were spirit, in the planning meeting you guys he’d before birth. I know one day, with enough work, they may choose to show themselves and give a name or I may choose to name them, (yes you got that right – many great mediums in the past named their guides, not the other way round.)


Not knowing who your spirit guides are is perfectly OK.

I know they’re present by the influence and confirmation they give, by the touches and tingles they send, and by the lives that change when I work as a conduit for Spirit. Mainly I’m grateful for the connection and support they give me, so I can, in turn, give that support to others. That’s enough, isn’t it? How much ego could be attached to having a guide with a grand name who had a grand heritage that was hard to actually prove anyway? One of our main jobs as psychics, energy workers and mediums is to stay real. To have out feet in touch with the earth so as to be of service to others. And that means keeping the ego firmly checked.


It’s soo tempting to rush into a guided meditation to meet a wise old person and receive some kind of spiritual bauble then cast them as your newest spirit guide.

It can be comforting, but it usually hasn’t got as much to do with a genuine connection than it has to do with the conscious mind stepping in to fill in the gaps our super concious mind hasn’t quite reached yet. Good ol ‘conscious mind – we love it in day to day events, but when it comes to connecting with Spirit (and that’s mediumship, btw,) it’s one guest we’d rather not have.Here’s an interview I gave about Spirit Guides and what kinds there are:


Would you like to build a stronger connection with your Spirit Guides?

A quick 30 minute mentoring session might do the trick. Enough time to get the burning  questions answered and have a taste to why it’s like to work with me. Hey! You must be Psychic is still only $82 and is my most popular session for getting to the answers about your spirit guides and how they are communicating to you.


The guide to Spirit Guides

Here’s a handy free resource to help you decide if it’s a Guide or not. Designed to answer questions and not pose more. Find out if an animal can be a Guide and how to get better messages. Remember they’re here for our spiritual growth and will have that mission first – so sometimes they won’t be answering ALL the questions, especially if it’s about where to eat or getting that perfect park. Access your guide to Spirit Guides here.





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