When we come to see mediums work, or for a private sitting, we want a Spirit message, don’t we? We are keen to hear from a loved one in spirit and get confirmation they’re still there, part of our lives.

We just want reassurance

Have you ever been to a public mediumship demonstration and not received a message? If you are really needing to hear from them it can shake your faith a little.

Even though I give messages from spirit as a medium, I don’t have many of my own loved ones in the Spirit world. In fact there are only two I really really miss. One of them is my dog Baxter, and the other is my German Grandmother.

Not long ago, I was watching a medium work, and like many mediums she asked the audience  “Is there someone you really, really want to hear from?” In my mind I screamed out my German grandmother: “Oma, Oma, Oma.”  Sadly someone else’s special person came through.


The next day I burst into tears

I was so sad she hadn’t come in all these times. In my mind I said,  “Oma why won’t you come through. All I ever want is to hear from you. You’re the only one apart from my dog. I just want you to come through. Just show me that you’re here. Just give me a sign.”

I got angry with the other spirits, telling off the Spirit world saying, “All right maybe she’s not strong enough to come through by herself, well then come on all my other dead relatives make the way, pave the way, come in first, open the door for her, help her to come through”,

Because I do know some spirits aren’t as strong. Other spirit people push past them to the front of the line trying to get their message across and connect to their loved ones.

I imagine it’ like a trendy nightclub. There’s a long line of people waiting to get in and the burly bouncers outside the door are the spirit guides guarding the door selecting who comes in next.  “Okay  you’re next, your relative really misses you…… you had your turn last year……. you’re next. Oh an you down there? You’ve got a big need, you can come to the front of the line.”

The stylish girl at the desk with slicked hair and a microphone headset is the gatekeeper, keeping things organised.

I imagine my grandmother is just at the back of the line. It’s not like she doesn’t want to come, she just can’t quite make it to the front. All these other people are jostling and elbowing and wanting to get in there so much more badly than she does, and that’s the thought that I consoled myself with. I sat in the park crying and demanding she come and my spirit relatives should help her.


I got angry and demanded a sign

Eventually I dried my tears and continued on with the day.  All through the day in the back of my mind was this song. Do you ever get songs that just play in your mind over and over and over again?

Not like the radio pop songs that stick in your ear – this was an old song I hadn’t thought if for years. It was an old song from 1967 going round and round in my ear. I wasn’t paying any attention to it. I was busy doing my day, and it took a while because even though I’m pychic, I can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes!


Suddenly the words made sense

Noticing the words of the old Sinatra song, I got the message: “I know I’ll stand in line to have an evening with you.” He and Nancy Sinatra sing about waiting to get through to make a connection because they love you so much. That they’d been trying an trying and the person doesn’t notice them. The final line is” “Then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I love you.”

That’s when I knew Oma had sent me the message. She’d been trying to get through and waiting and waiting but never quite making it. She sent me that song, to roll about in my head till I finally noticed that she’d been there all the time. I also knew spirit helped her get through and that was the message that I needed.

Three things you can do

If there’s someone you’d love to hear from and it’s been hard to get a Spirit message, take hope. They will be trying. It’s not that they don’t want to, or they don’t love you. They might need a hand. Here’s three things you can do to help the energy along.

1. Book a mediumship session, and bring a photo of them.

2. Talk to them in your mind as if they are right there.

3. Be open to the many ways a message from Spirit can come.