You want to open your third eye and see your guides in 3D sensurround smell-a-vision. Because seeing is believing anyway – right? We want to prove to ourselves we’re not crazy and smash that lingering inner doubt. There’s a way we can do it.


Psychic ability is like a muscle. It has to be worked.

Psychic ability is no different to other things. Say you want a lovely washboard tummy. If you want six pack abs, go to the gym. If you want to open your third eye, go to development practices. So, here’s a question – how much do you want it?

Enough to practice for hours? Minutes? Read a Facebook post, wish, and scroll on? What’s the level of skin in the game for you, because if it’s just for a party trick or to impress friends, you’re better off balancing a ball on your nose or learning to juggle.


It’s gonna take far less time. Psychic ability is a delicate mix of existing potential and unfoldment. You can’t push either of them. Remember that kid who was ace at basketball and a real natural? He hardly even practiced. That’s existing potential. That’s a gift! That kid got an extra serve of basketball points on his way down to earth.

Now there was also a kid who didn’t have that extra serving, but wanted it really bad. Like the Karate Kid, he showed up every day and practiced. He waxed on and he waxed off. Even when the team jeered. Even when it was too cold or too wet.

One day, he hit the perfect amount of preparation and HIS existing potential blossomed. Now he’s the star player. He’s even better than the natural born guy because he worked harder and wanted it more. He worked and let his potential unfold. Unfolding is what it’s all about in psychic development; we take the raw talent anyone has (and we all have some) and work gently with it till it catalyses the sleeping potential that lies resting and voila!


How to work with your psychic potential

If you’re a member of the Psychic Playground Facebook Community, there’s free access to #playdates. #Playdates are short video trainings, exercises and games to stimulate higher perception and awareness.

Consider a #playdate a free starter place to awaken resting psychic potential and bring it forward. So that one day the third eye will open, and you will be able to sense your guides knowing without doubt that we too exist as a spirit, just like them.

Meanwhile if you’d prefer to jump right into it, there’s a private mentoring session to unblock the third eye and help you access it in the way your soul most needs to now.


Open your third eye

We will go at your pace so your ability opens in the perfect way. Don’t worry, your guides and mine are also here for you. So if you’ve tried in the past and didn’t get far, know it was a stepping stone to get you to this place.
In this session we see what’s getting in the way of your clairvoyance and use exercises to open you third eye to the level that’s perfectly suited for you.
It’s one hour to actively work on it. I’ll be peeking into your aura, offer feedback and together we will do practical exercises to help the third eye open naturally and in line with your spiritual growth. Learn more here. 



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