Guess what? Even the most enlightened have the occasional bad days. The days where we fall off our unicorn and the glitter toss just doesn’t do it for us. I’m here to tell you it’s OK to have crappy days – I’m giving you permission.

Why is having a bad day so hard to admit? We talk about being in alignment with our goals visions, and we make dream boards and cute little vision boards, but we don’t really talk about what it’s like when you’re having a down day. And we’re human. We’re gonna get them. It’s not like I like I consulted my spirit guides and my spirit guide said, “Girlfriend, you’re gonna have a bad day.”


Being in alignment is being who you really are all the time wherever you are. It’s part of being authentic.


Who said it isn’t in your perfect, most beautifully aligned destiny to have a really crappy day, because then you would feel the texture of what joy feels like – to know how worthy the struggle is for the good days.

Why does everyone wanna feel like they just stepped off the last unicorn and they are just going to have their lives blissfully gorgeous, making six figures, and drinking kale smoothies? Life is about texture. Life is about a divine plan. We get so controlling about what we want with our vision boards, and our goal list, and our planners, and our coloring in and all those things that sometimes we forget it’s not up to us.


Maybe we’re meant to have a crap day because it’s part of our divine journey.


I believe in surrendering to a bigger plan than the pretty pictures on my vision board. I believe in letting go and just allowing stuff to happen, being part of the big picture. So I might spend the day eating lollies today, and sulking in the couch in my UGG boots, and the last thing I want to hear is somebody tell me that I’ve got a block, because I’ll tell you what to do with that block and you won’t like it.


So what am I saying?

Cut yourself some slack. Be nice. Be nice to yourself. Look for the answers inside, rather than externally.


Instead of going to the cards or runes for the answer when you’re this condition, try this: Sit quietly and let it all go up to the Universe. Hand it over to the Big U, then watch for the signs of your very next step. Just the next small tiny baby step that will set you back on the path again.

Because it will be there.


YAAS! Booklet heading you way!