When Intuition Vanishes

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Not long ago, a beautifully intuitive client got alarmed because her psychic spidey senses disappeared. She felt weird and alone all of a sudden as if her guides had left. She felt as intuitive as a potato. This is a great sign because it means she’s growing. It happens to most students of the inner path at some stage. When intuition vanishes there are good reasons.

Our spiritual journey has ebbs and flows. Just like life, there are ups and downs. We long for the ups; those moments of union with our guides, and the universe, and feel in touch and connected with everything. Yet there are times we feel completely abandoned, alone, and disconnected. In the dark, we must find our way. This is what happened to me 20 years ago.


I had a spiritual meltdown.

I was in Byron Bay – perfect beachside spot for a meltdown. If you don’t know the Byron, it’s the easternmost tip of Australia and first to see the light every day. In the mid 90’s it was a spiritual mecca, much like Arizona is for seekers on the spiritual path. At that time I didn’t feel very spiritual, in fact, I was quite il, and housebound for two years.

Officially, it was agoraphobia. Leaving the house was very difficult. Especially considering I had a flourishing healing business in the heart of town to run. I was in shut down mode. While I healed myself, all sense of intuition vanished. My spidey senses disappeared, I thought my guides had abandoned me. I’d gone up to Byron Bay specifically to be a healer and work with spirit. As soon as I got there, wham. My own healing journey began.

It was the opposite of what I’d intended, what I had dreamed, and I really felt my guides had abandoned me.


The spiritual path is transformative

The meltdown is an initiation of sorts, and every person on the spiritual path understands this testing, this strengthening of our resilience, this building of our soul’s muscle to a point where we need to be strong, in order to the work that we are about to do. As soul workers, as lightworkers, as energy workers, we need to be very resilient. But at the time, I just felt abandoned.

Now I look back and see the great soul growth that was the gift. I know even though it was a very, very crappy time, I was still growing. I wouldn’t be the person I am today, with this sense of groundedness.

People often say I’m one of the most grounded psychics and mediums they’ve ever met. It’s because I’ve done my personal work because I’ve looked into that dusty cupboard in the back, and cleaned it out. I’ve done my energetic de-cluttering, and Feng Shui’d my soul.

Meltdowns of any size are something we all need to face: the dark and the light because there’s beauty in both. If your guides feel like they’ve abandoned you, they haven’t. They are building you, and you will come out stronger and more resilient at the other end. Know that they’re there, and know that it’s part of the journey. There’s nothing to worry about. You are on the path.


If your intuition vanishes, it’s a sign of recalibration. Celebrate your bravery and keep going.

Anxiety and stress are kryptonite for intuition. We simply can’t be in that sublime connected space when we are not first connected out ourselves, and stress is the big disconnector. Consider ways to bring more calm into your life. If the stress level is fine and you are still having trouble connecting, or if your Spirit team feel like they’re sipping cocktails by a fancy pool somewhere, it might be time to get an energetic tune-up.

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  1. Kathy

    I’m so glad to have read your blog post. My intuition has disappeared and I’ve had some major changes (location, job). Feeling reassured now that I can keeping doing what feels right, being patient & not too pushy. And things will turn around. Thank you!

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Semi fictional story about me: In 1994, I had a midlife crisis, got a boob job and moved to Byron Bay.

Quickly realized there was nothing there but more boob jobs and white furniture, so I escaped faux-spiritual beach culture, went to Peru, and experimented with DMT.

While there, fell in love with a Shaman who was really a plumber from Padstow, but stayed because of attachment issues.

After following a raven out of the jungle, I holed up in a Scandi-style Air B’n’B and finally got enlightened.

Parts of this story are true.


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Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

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