VIP  psychic mentoring

private one on one training 

A one-size-fits-all approach to psychic medium skills is not for you. You’re ready to have the invisible doors opened for you by someone who knows the password.

Four months of highly personalised sessions to get the psychic info flowing loud and clear,  and have your unique talents shine. The VIP online psychic training package gives you the attention and dedication you deserve.

 I’ve dabbled in the psychic arts on and off my whole life, and Denise is the mentor I’ve been waiting for!

- Tez Caldow Verney


You’re ready to commit.

You’ve done a few courses and know your way round an oracle deck, but somethings missing. How would it feel to be able to:

  • Step beyond the courses and get the kind of individual attention you deserve for your psychic journey
  • Get specific details like names and dates that give the wow factor and change lives
  • Confidently follow the threads of information so that you get even more insights for yourself and those you love?
  • Receive bold future potentials from your newly sharpened psychic senses

If you’re done with group training and want the kind of personalised attention and feedback that’s only possible through a VIP psychic mentoring commitment, let’s talk.


We’ll work for four months with intensive skill sessions, as well as the opportunity to receive video feedback on your work. 

Ten highly personalised sessions to get the psychic info flowing from you loud and clear.
Have your unique talents shine.
The VIP Psychic mentoring gives you the attention and dedication you deserve

High touch email support, hands on personal advice and pom-pom shaking throughout our four months together.  Loving kicks in the butt when required.

10 personalised one hour sessions with me, that include a range of exercises, mystery guests and gentle challenges to bring out the unique psychic you truly are.

Six months entry into the members only Psychic Academy – where you can enjoy twice a month tutorials, next level support and be among those who ‘get’ you.

Submit unlimited video recordings of psychic and mediumship practice for feedback. Just like having me in the room with you. The fastest way to learn and course-correct.

But three months is a long time in VIP land. 

Let’s have coffee first, then decide if we’re moving in. I’ll bring the (digital) cake.

Being a VIP client was the best investment in my psychic development. In four months my confidence and accuracy skyrocketed. I’m so happy I listened to my inner voice and took this journey.

- Michal Altawil