Before you hit that button..

This might be weird saying stop when you’re spinning your chakra wheels with excitement, but indulge me while we press pause for a bit.

I’d rather spend a moment in mindful consideration than plunge into a commitment that’s not comfortable for us both.

Seductive websites and NLP Jedi mind tricks make it so easy to sign up to things these days. Refunds are heartbreaking to process, which is why I no longer offer them for VIP training.

This means you need to be super sure that you’re ready and that’s a great reason to read this, don’t you think? .

First of all, YAY for showing dedication to your path and for even getting here. It takes a curious mix of courage and vulnerability to even consider working with a mentor, so full points to your brave and open heart.
A VIP commitment is not only a cash investment which is big enough, but an investment in something even more precious; your commitment to the work.

Take a breath and feel into this purchasing experience right now. Let the buyer’s high fade and I promise, if being a VIP psychic client still feels good, I’ll be waiting to welcome you with a big (virtual) hug and a hot latte.


If not, I hope you’ll find the perfect next step somewhere else.

We’re gonna be like Kanye and Kim if:

  • You already know you’re psychic but want to dive into deeper places with it.
  • You have a keen curiosity for the spiritual path and understand it’s profoundly transforming soul work.
  • You’re familiar with my no B/S style, direct style.
  • Meditation is something you do regularly and can commit to doing more of.
  • There’s a willingness to turn up to not only the calls, but do the work in between.
  • You’re fine to practice with others and submit videos for feedback.
  • You’re OK with admitting there could be some things you don’t know and try new approaches that might be outside your comfort zone.
  • You’re self motivated and don’t need a lot of coddling. (I do a heap of encouraging, but I don’t babysit and have no time for tantrums.)
  • You can let perfectionism go and enjoy the journey as much as the goal.
  • You’re done looking outside yourself for psychic validation and ready to find the acceptance inside.

We’re gonna be awks if:

  • You believe psychic development is totally passive and just happens magically. Or there’s an expectation our Guides do it all.
  • Spiritual power means using Spirit as a giant vending machine – or making the universe obey a shopping list of demands.
  • You’re aiming for instant results –  I wish! Nobody gets instant results, despite what the ads say. Soul development takes time, and it’s the slow cook method  for a reason.
  • You want a career change, spiritual fame, large adoring masses and maybe a TV show. While that’s fun, training for fame is not something I feel good about much less guarantee. Let’s train for the soul and service instead.
  • You’re not open to receiving honest, direct and meaningful feedback on your situation (I’m fairly frank, thanks to a German mother). If you’ve asked around, or hung out with me on a training call, you already know this. I’ll be expecting you to do the work and turn up for yourself. When you do, I’ll there 200% for you too.  But first you turn up for yourself.
  • Our time zones don’t match. There’s times when I simply won’t be my best because I’m dreaming of bed or coffee. After five years of online client work, you get the best out of me between 8am and 6pm Sydney time. So let’s check our time zones play nice together here (Insert time zone calculator.)
  • You’re already top of your game and teaching in this field.  Well done you, but I might not be able to help.
  • You aren’t on Facebook. All of our group conversations happen on Facebook, and messenger is the fastest way to get hold of me. If you’re not a fan of FB,  the VIP program may not work very well for you.


Oh wow – you’re still here!

Last two things the VIP is not:

This VIP package is not a complete answer:
My aim is to pass on tried and true techniques for accessing more psychic/mediumship information that helps and heals.
It’s my best answer so far, and evolves as I do. My sincere hope is that our work together conjures more curiosity and you leave the nest nourished, and ready for wherever your Spiritual journey takes you next.
This VIP package is not a cure for emotional or mental illness.
Sometimes soul work uncovers things that need healing. If that happens, we’ll press the pause button while you get the support needed.
Ongoing mental or emotional conditions are beyond my scope of effectiveness and it’s best to work with me once things feel more stable.

But let’s see if we’re a good fit first. Book a digital ‘cake and latte’ call

Oh my goodness, we paused and took a breath. How does that feel now?

Thanks for taking this mindful moment, and if you’re still keen, so am I.

Register below:

Being a VIP client was the best investment in my psychic development. In four months my confidence and accuracy skyrocketed. I’m so happy I listened to my inner voice and took this journey.

- Michal Altawil