I should be enlightened by now.

Most of my life I was in a major rush for enlightenment – who has time these days to sit on a cushion for hours? Besides – I’m not getting any younger, so I was all like: “If there’s a Spirit guide listening, bring it on! ” I was so over waiting to be psychic. Here’s what happened when I GOT what I wanted and why I gave it back.


Why I gave it back

As I said, I was so impatient. But when they DID speed up my growth it freaked me out! Suddenly everything was 100 times more intense than I could possibly imagine. It was like an acid trip. I saw sparkly lights on everything. I could hear 1,000 times more intensely and the sparkly lights made it hard to focus. I had to drive home across the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night and all I could see was fairy lights. It was scary.  I sure got what I asked for, but when I got it, it was too much. It was a fast -track spiritual acceleration and even though I begged for it, I asked them to take it back, and they did.

My guides must have had a chuckle, because we spend half our lives hoping not to see them, and then the next half of our lives asking for proof.


Who’s timetable is it?

Our spiritual growth might be one thing that’s really out of our control.  We can set the scene by meditating, journalling doing all the personal growth we can, but in the end the spiritual goodies are not for us to control. Not even with exotic drugs or fancy activations. But all is not lost:



Impatience means enthusiasm

That gorgeous champing-at-the-bit enthusiasm? It shows dedication. We aren’t doing this alone. Our guides and helpers are doing all the backstage work while we busy ourselves with the art of living. Even if you don’t know who your guides are, they’re still there. In the Truth about Spirit guides, I myth bust the pressure to know ALL about your guides and how it can damage your confidence.


The process is tailor made

Spiritual growth happens slowly of reason and our gifts unfilled in a way that suits us. We are all so unique there is no cookie – cutter way it’s going to happen. In the Psychic Connection Package, students learn the mechanics of psychic connection and how to enhance thier intuitive ability in their own unique way.

No matter how you choose to connect, all roads lead to the same place. My job as a teacher is to hold up the sign posts and keep you safe and happy along the way.


Ready to learn more?

I take small numbers of private students to show them how to make an accurate and reliable psychic connection every time. They discover how to use their ability isn a way that suites them and there life and business. It’s only offered three times a year to a maximum of 23 savvy ladies.  Find out when the next one is on:






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