You’re here because you want to discover more about your psychic self. And my guess is you’re also pretty normal, so the fluff and unicorns may be fun for a while, but, like Chinese food, it’s not fulfilling. It lacks something, and it’s not happening fast enough.

It’s 3:30, I should be enlightened by now.

Most of my life I was in a major rush for enlightenment – who has time these days to sit on a cushion for hours? Besides – I’m not getting any younger, so if there’s a Spirit guide listening, bring it on!

Later I learned the reason intuitive development takes time – there’s other things our Spirit guides are working on behind the scenes.

Of course we quicken the process every time we step up to our selves, own our stuff and work on our blocks. That takes bravery and courage and it does’nt go unnoticed as we clear away the shadow for more light to arrive. But we’re still impatient.

Are you over waiting to get psychic?

Me too. Until I went to the dentist and had a epiphany. I swear it wasn’t the gas.

Best news of all, is that impatience indicates enthusiasm, and that’s a great thing. And we aren’t doing this all alone. We have guides and helpers in the Spirit world doing all the backstage work while we busy ourselves with the art of living. Even if you don’t know who your guides are, they are there. Not knowing much about them is perfectly OK. In the Truth about Spirit guides, I talk about why it’s OK, and why there’s so much pressure to know all about them right down to their sandal size.

Spiritual growth happens slowly of reason and our gifts unfilled in a way that suits us. We are all so unique there is no cookie – cutter way it’s going to happen. With my private training clients, I show them the mechanics of psychic connection and how to use your energy to enhance intuitive ability, but ultimately the WAY you do it becomes special to you.

All roads do lead to Rome in this case, and my job as a teacher and mentor is to hold up the sign posts and keep you safe, happy and psychic.

Are you ready to learn more? I take small numbers of private students to teach them to make an accurate and reliable psychic connection every time. The program is 4 weeks with groups trainings, personal one on one sessions and a secret group. I’m currently reaching now, and there’s a waiting list. Want to get on it or find out if this is right for you? Let’s chat. 



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