I was interviewed once because they thought psychics were odd. I don’t consider myself odd, but then again, I have pink hair and tattoos. Here are the answers to questions you never thought of asking me:

What’s the first weird thing about you?

I spill food on myself. It’s not like I’m a messy eater, but somehow it ends up on me. Every meal – it’s like clockwork. My partner says it’s not a real meal until I’m wearing some of it.

What makes you different from other psychics?

I see dead people, and I see psychic people too, so I create reunions for those who are living with those that have passed – like a middle man – hence the term, “medium.” I stand with a foot in both words, holding the gates open for a while so messages can flow through.

As you know, I’m rather straight forward and I can’t stand the new age fluff that passes for readings these days. What’s practical about someone saying your aura is pink, unless they also tell you how that pink aura might help the problem you’re having with your neighbour, for example.

How did it all start for you?

I was laughed out of Brownies at 8 because I really did see fairies, and I lived in a haunted house at age 18.

It got real 20 years ago in Byron Bay. I owned an aromatherapy healing studio and a client’s mother in Spirit turned up next to the massage table. She was holding a big calico cat and kept asking me to say the word, “mittens” out loud.

I’m having a conversation with the client’s dead mother in my head all the while with my client on the table….going back and forth with her saying, “No I’m not going to say “mittens”, my client will think I’m nuts.’ And she wouldn’t back down, so I gave in, and asked my client on the massage table.

“If I said the word “mittens” to you right now, would that mean anything?” And he said,”Yes, Mittens was the cat I had as a child.”

So of course I knew it was his mother there in Spirit and she had come to give him a message. I also knew I was supposed to be a medium.


What annoys you about other clairvoyants?

Plenty!  But I also know some amazingly talented mediums and psychics, ones I look up to. I’ve been lucky enough to be taught by some of the best mediums the UK has.

In Australia, mediumship is still a very new field. In fact the law used to lump us in with the  gypsies and vagrants. Psychics are now answerable to regular consumer law in Australia, just like any other business. Part of what I do is educate people in the best ways to get a good reading and what to look for when choosing a psychic or medium.


So what DO you look for?

The main thing is how you feel around them. A good psychic or medium works  for Spirit first, then the client. You’ll feel uplifted and expanded with them, because their energy connection to Spirit rubs off. What they say will be useful and helpful, and be of a practical nature. Any warnings or rubbish about curses? That’s strictly sideshow carnival stuff.


What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium?

Most people use the word interchangeably, but there’s a huge difference. Psychics work in our world and mediums work in the next.. A psychic picks up on the energy around a living person, they work with people that are living.

A medium works with those who are in the world of Spirit, with those who have passed on. That’s really all the difference. One would normally have a psychic reading for insight into their own life, and a mediumship reading to connect with someone they have lost.

Ultimately the supreme test of any medium or psychic is the quality of information they bring – how accurate and useable it is for the client. Also how uplifting and helpful. No use hearing bad news or doom and gloom – that isn’t coming from any higher realm, that’s for sure.


What’s the second weird thing about you?

I don’t like cold floors – I walk on tippy toe, and have been since I was a kid. Inside, I’ll wear Ugg boots nearly all year round because my feet like to feel warm and safe.


Have you ever refunded anyone?

Oh yes! Choosing a psychic is a bit like choosing a hairdresser, it’s quite personal. You have to see if it’s a good fit. If someone books me and I just know I won’t be able to do a good job – say they want fortune telling, and predictive stuff, with a bunch of “will I” questions. I’ll let them down gently.

Sometimes we just don’t “click”. If I don’t get anything, I won’t make it up, I’ll refund the fee, or work till I get something to be proud of.


What was your most recent sticky situation?

You mean like the lady’s dead grandparents who came in a mediumship reading to tell my client they knew about the pot growing on her balcony? That was a giggle for everyone that day!


And the third weird thing about you?

As a teenager, I had eyebrows like Frida Kahlo. I still have to pluck that middle bit every day. There’s loads more than 3 weird things about me, but that will do for a start!

Do you also feel odd? Then we can be odd together. In fact , I created a Facebook Community just for you. It’s called the Psychic Playground and we love weirdos of all kinds. Consider yourself invited: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1711355075747941/


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