Today’s blog unlocks the clues to your strongest psychic ability hidden in your everyday words. If you’ve already done the psychic strength quiz and are curious to know more, there’s a  handy free download to remind you of the psychic clues in your language.

Your intuition is only as good as your awareness, so let’s get the awareness of your language working for you right now.



Clairvoyance is psychic seeing. If you get visions, if things pop into your mind visually, then you might also use language like: “From my point of view” , “Let’s see it This way”, or you discover yourself saying, “I see”, or, “Let’s take a look at that.”

You might find words used like, “I’ll look it over”, “At first glance, it looks to me like,” and you might even say goodbye with:  “See you soon.” These are all clues that you’re visually attuned, that the visions, that images are something that you work on and rely on naturally seeing with your inner eyes and that clairvoyance or a Seeker in the Psychic Strength quiz.




Clairaudients hears with their inner ears or the ears of their soul, so they’re going to be saying things in their everyday language like: ‘Sounds like’,  ‘I hear you, I’m listening, ‘Let’s tune in’.  They may also say,  ‘let’s hear them out’, and might say goodbye like, ‘ call you soon.’

This is the Seashell in the Psychic Strength quiz, and they also are amazing at song titles, often getting fragments of songs come up as intuitive messages. If you’ve ever heard your name being called in the shower, you could also be clairaudient.



Clairsentients are the feelers, the sensors. They’ll be using very emotive language. There’ll be saying, ‘it feels like’, ‘I’m not sure, but I can touch on this.’ or ‘this touches me’, and they might sign off saying, ‘contact you soon, or I’ll be in contact soon’. They’re very touchy and soft and gentle, and you might even find that they touch you and have a lot of contacts.



And finally the Claircognizants, they are the sages in the psychic strength quiz are the ones that just know. It just pops into the brain, like they’ve known it for forever. Claircognizants know as if it always existed and they often can’t say why or how they know. Their language will be: ‘I know.’  ‘ I surmise’ and ‘I understand that.’ They may even say.’ I think this’  because they’re using their mind and then knowing.




The gift is in the words

So that’s the four main Clair’s contained in everyday language. Now you can see how your ‘Clair’ or your dominant psychic strength and might be woven into everyday language waiting for you to use it more.

Your psychic strength is not what you have, it’s how you use it. 

Now you know what else is waiting for you to unlock, perhaps it’s time to discover more. Here’s the ebook created of all the words that might show your psychic gifts. It’s free to download to remind you of all the different language points.



YAAS! Booklet heading you way!