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Hey! You must be psychic –

The most popular mentoring session to get all the answers about your psychic ability in a power packed 30 mins. $72.


A straight forward, down to earth chat with plenty of Aha moments. Not sure where you’re heading? My spirit team has your back. They’ll confirm what you’ve always known: you’re never alone and always loved. Get the psychic viewpoint without new age waffle. I’ll speak openly on what I see including visits from those who’ve passed. Read More

30 mins: $81

45 mins: $128

1 hour: $172


Perfect for one off check ins or psychic troubleshooting. You’re on your way and know the path well.

For those new to their abilities discovering how to work with their gifts, or seasoned psychics needing a check in, booking by the hour is the answer. For on going mentoring, a package may be more economical. Read More


1 hour: $192



What would it be like to trust your psychic ability 100%? Get confirmation your intuition is really working in this practical course that puts emphasis on your way of being psychic, not everyone else’s. Includes two hours of personal mentoring, fivegroup training calls, bonus downloads and a secret group to share the journey..


7 hrs training: $495



Are you an animal whisperer, a soothsayer or a bold spiritual leader? Take the quiz to discover your psychic strengths and use them with confidence.

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