Psychic Training

We come to a point in our spiritual path where someone who’s been there before is just what we need someone who gets you and can move you to the next level.

Perhaps you’re sensing the energy of spirit and want to increase that connection so it works every day. So you can trust it, like the best friend your higher powers really are.


Having someone to bounce off, who is there for you and to honour and support your journey is a sacred thing. It’s my mission to help unfold your gorgeous light and powers in the best way possible – in a way that suit you.

I work with beginners ready to explore their hunches right through to seasoned mediums needing to connect, talk shop and hone their skills. I can help attune you to your spirit team and trust in your intuition to a deep level.

Expect tons of compassion, head nodding and virtual hand holding.

Hey-you must be psychic!

30 mins@ $82.00
It’s time to finally sort this out in a normal way without the mumbo jumbo.
Learn what your gifts are and how to use them so it suits YOU without having to wear crushed purple velvet.
* Discover your dominant gift and the one that’s waiting to be born.
* Be the boss of your gift, not the other way round and avoid burn out.
* Learn the right and wrong way to give psychic messages your friends will love.
*Finally get over the fear of “what people will think”.

Beautiful Boundaries

45 minutes @ $99.00

The words “boundaries” and “protection” used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. One places the power in someone else’s hands. The other places it in yours.

Be strong and free as an intuitive.

Discover how to finally unburden yourself from the hamster wheel of “psychic protection” forever, and take your power back where it belongs.

The Confident Reader

1 hour @ $144.00

Face to face psychic readings work best when the client is relaxed and open, trusting you all the way. Do you have a structure for the reading and can easily manage last minute questions and still stay to time?


Want to create a reading experience you’re proud of and people will buy?

In this one hour power session well uncover whats’s stopping your clients from booking you and how step up to the next level Bring me your biggest problems and I’ll turn them into happy clients who leave likes and testimonials.


Open Your Third Eye

1 hour @ $144.00

Get ready to discover what life is like with your third eye open!
We will go at your pace and your ability will open in the perfect way for you. Don’t worry , your guides and mine are also here for you!

Psychic Training 1 hour

1 hour @ $198.00
Consider me your personal Yoda, except I may drink a bit more wine than he does.
If you’ve done the basics and are ready to roll up your sleeves for some no B/S practical help to move your intuition to the next level, this is the session. One off sessions may be all you need, but for ongoing development to honour your psychic gifts so they work just how you want them to, take a look at the Psychic Connection Package.

Intensive Psychic Training 

3 hours @ $499.00
Have you graduated from the Psychic Connection Package and want to continue working with me?  Maybe you’re ready for the next level of insights and “aha’s” for your own clients.
With a bundle of sessions we work to your specific outcomes and make even more room for your psychic ability to shine. Go to the next level and accelerate your growth.  Serve your own clients and stand out from the crowd. Get verifiable results even the hardest skeptic would be impressed with.

Mediumship Training Bundle

3 hours $499
Want the intensive personal training of one to one work without the price tag? Work with me over a series of three sessions to explore and perfect your mediumship skills. Bring better messages and trust your connection to Spirit even more. If you feel the presence of those in the next world and want to make meaningful contact, this bundle could be for you.

The Psychic Connection Package

 Group program with one on one mentoring  $595

When you’re ready to confirm your psychic ability and get results. The magical combination of a small group to train and practice with plus the attention of one one one mentoring. 

  • Get the secret sauce process that makes all this possible
  • Learn how to connect to your guides, others and most importantly, your higher wisdom
  • Experiment with games and exercises that prove you can really do this
  • Be intuitive on your terms, not anyone else’s.

The Psychic Connection Package is only offered at certain times of the year. There’s only a small group because I want to give you 100% attention. Next one starts in November. Want to find out if this is right for you?

Book a free chat on Skype, where we can see how you’re psychic ability wants to grow.