Psychic Reading

30 minutes @ $99.00

A straight forward, down to earth chat with you and your spirit team to bring insight and clarity and confirmation. Whether it’s business, relationships or house selling, a half hour reading is suits a quick check in. Get lots of “Aha” moments without the new age waffle.


30 minutes @ $99.00

Allow me to connect to Spirit as I hold open the gates between worlds. The reading will be evidential, confirming and come with a sense of peace and love. There is always a message they want to give, and advice they have to share.

Psychic Reading 45 mins

45 minutes @ $148.00

A deeper, longer, straight forward chat with you and your spirit team where we can dig into some of the things behind the things that come up. Perfect when there are a few areas or issues to explore, especially for business questions. Get clear and confirmed without new age waffle.

Psychic Reading 1hr

1 hour @ $199.00

For when you want to plunge into the ocean of spirit and guidance. We cover so much in an hour – you’d be amazed what comes up. Get clear insight on what your soul and guides wish to say. Can be combined with mediumship.

Full year forecast reading

45 minutes @ $155.00

Get the heads up on the year to come, with a month by month or area by area in depth look. 
A longer, cosier chat with you and your spirit team to get set for a fantastic year. Expect lots of “aha” moments and some head scratching, because not all of it will make sense now. That’s the magic of forecasts; Spirit always has a few surprises.