Psychic Reading

30 minutes @ $81.00

A straight forward, down to earth chat with you and your spirit team to bring insight and clarity and confirmation. Great for a quick check in or two to three questions. Get lots of “Aha” moments without the new age waffle.


30 minutes @ $81.00

Allow me to connect to Spirit as I hold open the gates between worlds. The reading will be evidential, confirming and come with a sense of peace and love. There is always a message they want to give.

Psychic Reading 45 mins

45 minutes @ $128.00

A deeper, longer, straight forward chat with you and your spirit team where we can dig into some of the things behind the things that come up. Perfect when there are a few areas or issues to explore. Get clear and confirmed without new age waffle.

Psychic Reading 1hr

1 hour @ $172.00

A super deep plunge into the ocean of spirit and intuition. 
You have questions and are ready to dive deep. Get clear and hear what your soul is calling to you.

Full year forecast reading

45 minutes @ $125.00

Get the heads up on the year to come, with a month by month or area by area in depth look. 
A longer, cosier chat with you and your spirit team so you can get set for a fantastic year. Expect lots of “aha” moments and some head scratching, because not all of it will make sense now. That’s the magic of forecasts. Spirit always has a few surprises.

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