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Spirit release FAQ’s


Spirit Release is returning uninvited, energies and  unseen guest back where they belong, which isn’t your house.

We are much more than our flesh and blood body. Deep inside you know this. Just as a physical bodies can get out of tune and ill, the energy bodies can too. Sometimes it’s easy to straighten out. Sometimes it’s more difficult when other energies or beings interfere with us. We can’t see them, but we can feel them. Spirits arrive to “disturb ” you for many reasons and its very unusual for the reason to be negative, despite what horror moves have to say. My job is to help them go to their proper home – which isn’t you or your house.


Ohhh! So you’re a ghost buster then? Got any cool equipment?

Afraid not. I don’t arrive with giant vacuums or impressive looking boxes and dials. I don’t wear black or purple velvet. I won’t bring a truck load of crystals and stink your house out with sage, either. Heres the difference: Ghost hunters are there for thrills. They WANT the spirit to stay put so they can charge money for the show.

It’s entertainment at the spirit’s expense. Spirit Release is a compassionate service for all concerned. Everyone deserves to go home.


Will you speak in tongues or chant or anything?

No, and I won’t tell your fortune, either. I am a medium and clairvoyant. I’ve been able to see spirit since I was very little, though I struggled like any one else to come to terms with those abilities. The good news is I have done the hard yards in my own development and I’m able to give back and help those needing a compassionate ear and skilful hand to navigate the unseen world.

I work face to face, and use mediumship to connect with spirits and guides that assist in Spirit removal. It is really their work I am privileged to witness. Results are immediate, but some take a while as the energy gaps left behind need healing and renewal. It’s different for everyone, but most feel a definite change after a Spirit Release session.


How come no one knows about this?

Funny thing is – they used to! About 200 years ago spirit attachment, or “possession” was a common thing, and people employed practitioners much as now to do this work. In non western cultures, entity attachment is normal.


In fact Tibetan Medicine says that 25% of all illness is entity based.

In Brazil there are entire hospitals devoted to Spirit Release. It’s part of our own indigenous culture as well. Seems our modern western culture gets jittery if they can’t slide something  under a microscope to prove it exists. Fortunately the Catholic Church never gave up and is now recruiting and training more priests in entity removal than ever before.


Whats the difference between you and what a Priest does?

For one I am not Catholic, but I do believe in the power of the Creator, the Source of all, and the fact we are all a part of that Creation. A Priest commonly performs an exorcism. They cast out the spirit, and see it as evil.

Spirit Release sees every being as precious, made by Source, and will guide that being back to it’s rightful place in the light, or wherever they came from. It’s compassionate and gentle. Even better, by sending them home, they stay there and don’t come back.


Could I have an entity attached?

Most people will probably have had a parasitic entity at some point in their lives. If you’ve ever had surgery, an illness, an injury, experienced trauma or severe emotional upheaval, these are just a few ways an attachment can enter. It’s when we are energetically vulnerable, when our defences are down. Much like when our immune system is down, our energetic shield also gets vulnerable.

Some attached spirits do drop off or ‘jump ship’ when a tastier energy field passes close enough, or a person’s vibration changes and their “food” is not available to them. Like they give up smoking and the attached spirit was a smoker. People who meditate or have a spiritual practice are less likely to have attachments as those who engage in substance abuse, have toxic relationships, or mess about with Ouija boards. If you want to be sure, I have a  checklist to find out.


I don’t need to see a doctor, then?

If you have an issue that normally requires medical or psychological assistance, then go get that help now! Spirit release is no substitute for professional health services. My checklist is pretty comprehensive. If you get through that, you are brave and ready to experience Spirit Release with your eyes open and both feet on the ground.


So it’s a spirit’s fault I’m like this?

Maybe and maybe not.

Entity removal is no ‘wonder cure’ or cop out for doing valuable psychological work. For a spirit to attach in the first place there has to be some kind of “grab hold” in your own energy that looks like  a comfy spot for the spirit to settle in to. We call it the law of resonance. It has to be a good fit. This is why we spend a lot of time after to heal why they came in the first place.


Here’s where you need to be totally honest with yourself:

Say you had a long line of problems with romantic partners. Every time a new one comes along, they dump you before it gets serious. Instead of being brave and looking inside yourself to discover what may be causing that, you decide it’s all happening outside of you and it must be an attached spirit.

Let’s say maybe it was and we found someone. This poor lady, when alive, was jilted on her wedding day. Her lover called it off. She was so overcome with grief and despair, she jumped off a cliff. Then instead of going home to the Light, she hung about being sad, reliving her last few days over and over again.

Far off in the distance she sees your beautiful light. Your energy is so inviting because it’s familiar. It’s familiar because you just broke up with your partner and also feel upset and confused. She knows that feeling. She relates to that. That’s resonance.

Next thing you know, because your shields are down, she’s in there, getting fearful every time a new partner gets serious because she “knows “ what will happen. She is reliving her own story, using your original break up as the base. If we go back to spot the original trauma for you, and heal it, there won’t be an open door for another spirt to come along and fill it. We do this every time we clear an entity. We heal and seal. It’s homework for you to do after the session.

So you can see how pre existing issues are an invitation for attachment. Just removing them like a wart won’t fix the problem if there is an underlying vulnerability there.


Great! How can I get my free Spirit Release Consult on Skype?

  • Take the Pre Session questionnaire .
  • When I get your questionnaire, I’ll be in touch to arrange your Skype consult. You do have Skype, don’t you? Get it here.
  • If it feels like a good fit, and you’re up for the homework, book a session for $189. My scheduler requires full payment at the time of booking.


Can Entity problems stem from Past Lives?

It’s amazing where a Spirit Release session can take us.


But I don’t believe in past lives

Neither did I until I recalled my first few. It’s like Nicolas Cage says to Meg Ryan in City of Angels: “Some things are true whether you believe in them or not.” Spirit Release does not depend on faith or belief, it works either way.


Why me?

Some people are just more susceptible to picking up stray spirits than others. Maybe its because your energy is just so delicious and your light is shining like a beacon. Its hard to tell. There are many ways of unintentionally picking up spirits. Hospitals and pubs are very good places.

Hospitals are  a place for lost spirits as people die in them, and pubs tend to attract the lost souls of alcoholics who want to attach themselves so they can have the pleasure of drinking again, even if it’s by proxy.

Some people have very good energy boundaries. They are like the Starship Enterprise when Captain Kirk says, “Shields up, Mr Sulu.” Lucky them. Part of working with me is where we assess how they got in and create ways for that not to happen again.


Will I need more sessions?

That is up to you – Sometimes the tricky ones can hide. Sometimes a whole nest of them can leave at one time. It’s good to have one session and then see how everything settles after that. If there’s something you want to address we can plan for that too. I will never ever say you need more. That is your decision.


What if they come back?

Once an entity has been released to the light, they will stay there. However if the gateway for new ones to enter is still open, more will come. Full healing means that space is filled with light and the gateway fully sealed. We examine the vulnerabilities that got the attachment in the first place.

Sometimes it’s a lifestyle choice. Certain things attract entities, like alcohol and drug use, frequent sexual partners, illness or surgery, and toxic relationships. Taking responsibility for your actions knowing some things are gateway to spirit attachment is one way of staying aware.


What is a Soul Fragment?

Indigenous cultures have known about soul fragments for thousands of years. It’s also called Soul Retrieval.

Sometimes a life event is so shocking, scary or painful that a part of our energy shatters or splits off to cope. Part of the work is restoring and healing any soul fragments we discover along the way and integrating them back into your energy field where they belong. Soul fragments don’t just pop back in like a lost jigsaw puzzle piece. They need a bit of loving gentle care for a while after the session. Yes – you get homework.


I’m really mad at someone, will you send a spirit to haunt them?

No. Read the bit about toxic relationships. Then take a long hard look in the mirror.


I think I’m under psychic attack, will you help?

Look, I understand. I’ve had my brush with that too, and guess what? 99% of the time you invited that energy in. Removing my own attack was a nasty, gruelling business and in the end, I realised I caused it myself. It’s a case of being really honest with yourself –  assessing your lifestyle and personal choices to see what needs to change. And that is a job for a good coach or psychologist.


Why do you charge for your services?

Because Mortgage. Dog treats and Pizza. And because I do alot for free, anyway.

If you are one of those brave souls who survived child sexual abuse, or ritual abuse and you’re broke, or spending it all on shrink fees and warm cuddly blankets, I totally get it. I was there once too. 


Ok, I’m in. How can I get a session?

Great. Do the questionnaire it helps me get an idea for what’s going on. From there we can move to my scheduler. It calculates all time zones.


I’m not in Sydney, do you do Skype sessions?

Yes. Skype works fine for everyone.



I’m a clairvoyant, not a doctor. If you have health concerns, get them checked out with an appropriate person. While Spirit Release can lift lots of diverse symptoms for many people, others will have underlying stuff that’s best handled by qualified professionals. 


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