Table flipping anarchy for the second sight. 90 minute skills class for psychics, healers and mediums.



Table flipping anarchy for the second sight. 90 minute skills class for psychics, healers and mediums.

This isn’t clairvoyance like Mum used to make.

Clairvoyant AF might just bust your brain in the best possible way. It’s the breath of fresh air and common sense you’ve been looking for.

You know how I teach:

* Fluff free

* Handing back your power while smashing crystal ceilings, New Age fear and the patriarchy.


What if clairvoyance was stunningly simple, obvious and never meant to be this hard?

What if the gob-smacking epiphanies of how your clairvoyance works got proved in the class?

It’s waiting for you.

There’s a different way to do clairvoyance and it’s crazy easy. See you in class.

We’re gonna flip tables if….

You wanna bust clairvoyance into the next level of details and accuracy in spiritual work.

You’re always interested in new approaches

You secretly KNOW there’s more than symbology and metaphor when it comes to clairvoyance.

You wanna try something weird and face palmingly obvious.


Love her presence and simple yet effective way to guide and support everyone from beginners to experts. And she loves animals!
Cherie DarlingCherie Darling
06:20 12 Jun 23
If you want someone to tell you what you want to hear- this isn’t the psychic for you. If however, you want someone who will tear down any false ideas and barriers to your ultimate self, this is the reader for you. No nonsense, no fluff and direct useful intuitive guidance that will lead you back to yourself, is her whole deal. No guru complex, disempowerment or vague intuitive hits here. Denise is a rare gem in a field full of fakes. The teacher you need when you’re ready to step into your true power. She’s not going to always give you exactly what you want to hear, but she will give you exactly what you need- and that makes her service invaluable.
Amanda HookhamAmanda Hookham
09:35 14 May 23
Denise is authentic, down to earth and genuine. She empowers people rather than make people reliant on her or a psychic. She opens doors for people to walk through and take charge of their lives
Melanie AnnanMelanie Annan
09:44 07 Apr 23
I love my readings with Denise and come back every couple of years to touch base with her. She has a really strong intuition and a great way of putting things. Some of the scenarios she’s had an inking about have turned out totally true - in a wonderful way. You never feel lead one way or another - but she just brings awareness and clarity to things. It has been super helpful to me. A session with her will really bring certain things into focus.
Nicole JohnsonNicole Johnson
07:49 25 Mar 23
Thank you so much for today- I am truly blown away by the accuracy; it far exceeded my expectations. Also appreciate your bluntness and sincerity.
Kristy ColakidisKristy Colakidis
23:34 06 Nov 22
I’m so grateful to be Mentored by the beautiful Denise. She has been an amazing Mentor who has challenged me in all the right ways. With Denise’s support I have been able to really gain an understanding of who I am as a Psychic Medium and how I can best serve my clients. Denise has an endless amount of experience and has demystified and cleared so many myths I had around Mediumship and has been able to help me hone in and develop real skills around evidence and delivery. Denise walks the walk and demonstrates a high level of professionalism. There has been so much growth and I have been able to stretch myself further. Thank you, Denise.
Vicki SVicki S
19:27 15 Oct 22
When I began working with Denise I’d been trained in a different style of reading. It’s been challenging for me to integrate the evidential style of reading into my foundation and practice. Challenging in ways that stretch me, bend me, scare me, foster growth, and ultimately set in motion (yet another) process of transformation. I feel more deeply connected all the way around – to myself, my clients, the work I’m doing, the oneness of us all.Denise’s style is refreshing - no nonsense with good boundaries, and at the same time loving, gentle, and kindhearted. I find her transparency about who she is and what she’s teaching inspiring and empowering. She’s all in and there for us in her classes in a way that sets her apart from some teachers and programs. Working with Denise has been (and is) a rich experience.
Karly DouglasKarly Douglas
09:13 30 Sep 22
Denise is a wonderful teacher of Mediumship! I first signed up for a six week psychic course with her in 2020 - her no nonsense evidential approach fascinated and inspired me to want to go out and learn more! I have since been to other teachers but I still regularly attend her classes too - I love how I feel like she gets me and the other students as an individuals, and her teaching and feedback reflect that. She's a lovely genuine person and a wonderful authentic Medium.

Ready to get clairvoyant AF?

Replay sent to all who register. Two class times to choose from.


What happens in class?

90 mins to turn everything you know about clairvoyance on its head – starting with chakras. Nope. Don’t need ’em.

Tons of examples and time to play with new ways of approaching inner sight.

Class is recorded and made available for replay – No breakout rooms.

Watch and learn or be a volunteer – extra Q&A time at the end.


Denise Litchfield

When I was taught this clairvoyance technique by my tutor, Paul Jacobs, busted my head wide open. And the rest of the class. He did a great job and I owe him my thanks, respect and gratitude.

May your clairvoyance never be the same again